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  • rezpada Level 1 (0 points)

    This just happened to me for the first time, I noticed my phone was playing up a little before it happened, like when i hit the power button, the screen wouldn't light up immediately, i had to hit it twice... then it shut off and wouldn't turn on and even plugging it into the charger wouldn't work...


    I tried the POWER + HOME buttons several times, (and i mean at least 15 tries) all for at least 30 seconds each time.. using different combinations, plugged into the PC, plugged into the main power, not plugged into anything.. I finally got it working by giving it a gentle knock on the side, I then held the power n home button and it reset funnily enough? (please don't go try banging your expensive iphones because of what i said, but i'm just throwing my own experience out there to maybe help the tech's suss the issue out?)

  • Bidsaus Level 1 (0 points)

    Grrr just had exactly the same problem… phone is only 3 weeks old & about 80% charged can't get it to turn on!

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,030 points)

    Err, Did you press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds, as repeated quite a few times in this thread and as described in basic troubleshooting in the manual?

  • bubbles089 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yea I was on the train coming home from the city yesterday and my warranty ends today and I was in the middle of sending a message to a friend of mine, and my i phone 4 just turned itself off and I cannot get it to come back on whatsoever. I have tried all the little tricks that I have found online numerous times and none of them work. So tomorrow I am going to book an appointment to go into the Apple Shop and get this sorted because I need a phone.

  • DrLjf Level 1 (5 points)

    It happened to me once. -2 weeks after I bought it.  Do this - plug in phone to computer connected to

    ITunes. Hold down home and off button simultaneously for at leat 20 seconds.

  • hfnabiel Level 1 (0 points)

    happened to me this morning. panicked, tried plugging it into every computer i have, still nothing. found this forum and holding the sleep/wake and home buttons together while plugged in to computer and iTunes running worked after more than 10 seconds but likely less than 30 seconds.

  • Thomosj Level 1 (0 points)

    Can I just say a big thanks to all of the previous advise regarding the I phone 4 not turning on as I have experienced the same problem? Took my phone out of my pocket without touching any buttons and that was it, 'turned off on its own' Could not get it started no matter what I did then paniced. How did we manage without mobile phones. Its rather strange that people are having the same issue with their I phones but a simple cure that I wouldn't have been aware of without reading this forum.


    All working fine again and humanity restored!



  • Hanix Level 1 (0 points)

    Is this because that the envoriment is too wet?

  • bdi-lass Level 1 (0 points)

    my iphone 4s just turned off, now it just goes from black screen to apple logo, tried hard reset numerous times doesnt work... any advice?? am i going to have to visit an apple store which is miles away???

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,030 points)

    Let's review how you should do a reset:


    1. Plug in to a wall charger (not a computer) for at least 15 minutes, preferably 30 minutes.
    2. Hold BOTH the HOME and SLEEP (Power) buttons at the same time until an Apple logo appears. Hold for AT LEAST 20 seconds, preferably 30, but release if a logo appears sooner.


    If it does not restart or display any other message you have a hardware failure.

  • bgreen1128 Level 1 (0 points)


    Read like first 3 pages, skipped to last. Sleep+home 10 to sometimes 1.5 minutes some users reporting... charge 30mins, wait 15mins, plug into computer, disconnect from.....


    Tried like everything... and some of my own experiments....

    I would have appreciated a cause explanation as to better understand why what I am doing is going to be an effective resolution. However, I have to feel like I still have a possible different situation because the resolutions work for many users, and a handful of users report no luck. More information on the problem is needed aparently.


    Anyway, I will continue my iphone endeavors for a day or 2 hopefully it just "turns back on"... so I can at least be happily in the dark.

  • Crgybear Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi every who is experiencing iPhone failure for no apparent reason.....Number 1 thank you to all who took the time too write in when the info they received here resolved their problem. I am one of those who benefited from it..

    When I went to use my phone and found it just a blank screen I too panicked and immediately went to a Verizon store only to find they had closed and were the store was a dry cleaners now existed. After hyperventilating for 3 mins I suppressed my rising anxiety and went on to the next location 23 miles away but they had closed 15 mins prior to my arrival. Now I am really worried because I had clients that I new were trying to reach me to no avail. Flash of brilliance, across the street was a Starbucks with free WiFi! Off I dashed thru crazed traffic, thru the door and grabbed a rare open seat. Whipped out the IPAD and with a few key strokes  lo and behold answers to my dilemma.

    Out with the iPhone I then  held down the magic keys HOME and SLEEP, (as instructed by those more versed in these gadgets then me), for the 1 minute needed  and on popped the APPLE LOGO!

    Patiently I cradled my baby waiting for the first breath of life and when the screen came on I nearly cried I was so over joyed. Even the caffeine crazed buckys looked at me strangely but I didn't care, my baby was alive and I could once again feel connected to my little world of friends, family and clients. There are those who will relate to me and this and others who will scoff at how foolish and dependent I/ we have become but I have too say my life has been infinitely eased with the advent of these wonderful devices and countless lives have been enriched with them. When one is deaf the entire world is silent but the ability to speak and hear with the written word to anyone anywhere at any time in the entire world is absolutely wonderful. God did bless Steve Jobs....

  • christineliu Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had mine for about 10 days too and I put my phone in my pocket for 5 minutes, took it back out, and it was off and wouldn't turn back on! This thread helped me but I'm skeptical if I should go to Apple and try and sort it out so it doesn't happen again in the future? I hope I didn't get a dud...the battery is really bad I have to charge it twice a day and I just got it!

  • Ben Breedlove Level 1 (10 points)

    I have the same issue with my iPhone 4S turning off.  I know that I can press the HOME+SLEEP buttons for 10 seconds and it COULD come up.  I know about the connecting to power, connect to computer, start iTunes, press HOME + SLEEP, etc.  (It doesn't work)  My iPhone 4S still doesn't come back up!  I have to wait for a full day until I can press the HOME + SLEEP buttons and it will come up.


    I do not have water damage.  I can not start it by banging the side.  It is not too hot.  It happens at 100% battery, connected to power, not powered to power, it happens at 25% & 50% battery. 


    My question is, is there a fix for this?  I want to know if there is a remedy for this? 

  • bdi-lass Level 1 (0 points)

    I had that happening to my phone so I took it to n Apple store, they told me it had water damage enough even though it has never been near it, obviously a fault on their part and they have been told to say that.

    They replaced my phone with a new one there and then.

    My brother is also on his second phone through no fault of his own!!

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