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Well I purchased this gaming controller because I have an emulator for Nintendo games and I needed to be able to play. It evidentially doesn't work. Has anyone else used this model? Or does anyone have any recommendations as to a controller to get? I'd prefer a USB model.


Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • George Matthews Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    I just got one of these as well today. A real bummer it doesn't work. I want to use it to control/test music software so I don't want to spend a lot. I heard the Logitech dual action was mac compatible and it looks almost identical to this one. I wonder why Logitech would make it PC only?
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    Same here Logitech send me a replacement for my wireless rumblepad 2; the new f710 do not work at all...
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    So no one has managed to get the F310 to work in OS X? Someone wrote over at the Logitech forums that you should switch to "direct input" on the device to get it working. Anyone tried that?
  • louis-Simon Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I've tried both modes but no luck so far...
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    In case anyone stumbles upon this thread, I did get my Logitech F710 to work on my iMac. However, it wasn't easy. First of all, simple changing the switch to "D" wasn't enough. When I looked at System Information, it still said it was a Logitech F710 gamepad. That won't work since there isn't an XInput driver for the Mac that works with the F710 as far as I know.


    System Information needs to show it as a "Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2" in order for it to work on the Mac. In my case, I needed to disable USB 2 support in VMWare Fusion. Otherwise, Fusion was intercepting the change in USB device ID and wasn't passing it along to the Mac. Initially, I had to start up Fusion and switch the F710 under Windows in order for the change to be reflected on the Mac.


    I was finally able to get this to work without starting up Windows. To do this, I had to do the following things in this order:


    1. Change the F710 to "D" (DirectInput) mode

    2. Remove the nano USB receiver from my iMac

    3. Remove one battery from the F710

    4. Re-insert the nano USB receiver into the iMac

    5. Re-insert the battery into the F710


    When you look at System Information now, the device should be shown as "Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2". That device will work with the Mac. If your game uses HID Manager, then you won't need to do anything else in order for your gamepad to work. If your game doesn't support HID Manager, then you'll need a program like Carvware's Gamepad Companion or USB Overdrive in order to map the buttons, hatswitch, or analog sticks to keystrokes.


    Unfortunately, if you shut your Mac down at night like I do, you'll have to go through the same steps to reattach the F710 to the Mac. Unfortunately, the default mode on the F710 is the XInput mode which doesn't work on the Mac. It won't matter if you leave the F710 in "D" mode.


    I ordered a Cordless RumblePad 2 from a retailer that still had it in stock. I have a feeling that's what I'll use in the future since that will be a lot simpler.


    I am assuming the F310 would be the same way since all of these Logitech controllers have the XInput and DirectInput modes built into one gamepad. That may be great for Windows users, but it makes it a pain to use it on a Mac.

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    Since this thread is reletively old, what system did you try this on? Snowy or Lion? (Looking to buy one of thr F series)

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    Actually, I tried it on both. I just confirmed on Lion this evening. I can only speak from personal experience on the F710. It's possible the corded versions would work differently. Since I wanted a cordless gamepad, I ended up simply using the actual Cordless Rumblepad 2 that I purchased. I like the feel of the F710, but it was too much of a pain to reconnect it using the "battery shuffle" simply to use the gamepad on my Mac.

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    honestly,can u make the video tutorial for us darwinmac for us because im a bit confused about this

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    Unfortunately, I do not have any video equipment to show this. However, let me try to shorten the explanation by leaving out the technical details.


    1. I do not know if the corded models (f310, f510) work at all on a Mac. I have never owned either model.
    2. Here is how you get the F710 to work on the Mac
      1. Move the switch over to "D" on the F710
      2. Remove the mini USB receiver from the back of your Mac
      3. Remove one battery from the F710 while still leaving the mini USB receiver unplugged from your Mac.
      4. Re-insert the USB receiver into the back of your Mac
      5. Re-insert the battery into the F710


    Your gamepad should now work on the Mac. Unfortunately, if you shut off your Mac each night like I do, you'll have to go through the same steps each time you want to use your gamepad.


    I found it easier to simply find a place that sold the older Cordless Rumblepad 2 online. That way, I simply plugged in the USB receiver into the back of my iMac, inserted the batteries and everything worked. That is what I would recommend.

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    nah darwin..i just have the same f710 like yours.ive just followed all the step like the comment on doens't third application like gamepad companion can't read the f710 bro


    btw i have another gamepad and it works on my mac when i used gamepad companion,but i have no idea how to set up that gamepad to the pes2012,fifa2012,nfs u know how to set up the gamepad?

  • darwinmac Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It is possible that Logitech has changed something in the F710 so that newer versions will not work. I really do not know.


    As far as Gamepad Companion is concerned, if your gamepad is recognized by it, you simply remap the keys to the gamepad buttons or hatswitch. I do not have any of the games you mentioned so I cannot help you configure those games.Gamepad Companion is useful when you have a game that does not have built-in gamepad support. However, going to Carvware's website is the best place to get that information.

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    DUDE!im back! lol


    ive installed Windows on my Mac in order to use my f710.when it connected i restart to mac form and it works!as the same like u done broo!btw do u have any suggest of games that support this gamepad?thanks.enjoying this big stick now

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    Do you have any apps or drive that help this install of this gamepad?

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    The solution that's working for me is to use Gamepad Companion, dowloadable from the App Store, and to plug in the logitech USB receiver, *while* the Gamepad is actively attempting to connect to it (i.e., holding down the logitech button when you plug in the reciever).  Gamepad Companion should be open when you do this, and the controller will appear as a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad.  Oh, and the controller must be in "D" (direct) mode. 

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