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The newest version of iPhoto (9.1 build 475) is constantly annoying me. I have had several crashes, and have sent in the crash reports, but my issues have not been addressed. The newest version will take over a GigaByte of memory just to open. When it does open, it does so slowly, many times crashing. Same when it closes- sometimes it hangs and never actually closes. Activity Monitor shows CPU usage at over 100%.

I have reset plist files, rebuilt library, cleared caches, fixed permissions, fixed thumbnails, cleared duplicate fonts, removed avi files from iPhoto library, removed divx codecs, and other things (thanks to the GREAT help here on Apple Discussions!) to try to get iPhoto working correctly. Nothing has consistently helped.

I have many photos tagged with Faces and with Places. If I completely rebuilt the Library, is this information lost? I spent lots of time adding this information, and would hate to see it wasted.

Not to mention that I, too, am unhappy with some of the functionality changes in sharing photos by email, or burning a disc to share photos of an event with a friend. I am quickly considering "down"grading to iPhoto '09.

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