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I'm having a problem with iTunes that has been driving me up the wall for the past three hours...I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out.

I'm unable to use the Cover Flow view in iTunes, but only when I click the "Music" library on the left side. The library listing goes all the way up to the title bar covering the status window. This only happens when I click the "Music"...."Movies", "Podcasts", and all of my playlists behave normally and I can select whichever type of view I want and they all display properly.

I've updated and reinstalled iTunes and nothing has corrected the problem. Anyone have any idea? It's almost as if I need to resize that Music listing window, but I can't because the top bar with the column headings is lost up at the the top of the screen.

Anyone at all??? Thanks in advance!

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    There's been some posts about this. Apparently it is a problem with the itunes database file, when "Music" doesn't work with Cover Flow but all the other sections (Podcasts, Movies, etc) are OK.

    Here is an older thread

    You can either make a new playlist that shows all your music, or rebuild your itunes database ITL file from the XML using these directions - it will keep everything except the Date Added field.
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    Thanks for your help. I spent about five hours trying to figure this out last night. The thing is, iTunes worked just fine....it was just SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING that I couldn't stand it!

    In the end, I decided to load an older iTunes library and everything worked and looked fine so I determined the library was corrupted and somehow whatever garbage that had crept it's way into my ituneslibrary file was causing the window size confusion.

    It would seem to me that Apple might offer a simple util that could look for inconsistencies in the iTunes library file and clean it up. It would probably be a pretty easy tool to code and might save some headaches....it certainly would have saved me about five hours I'll never get back.

    Thanks again for the follow-up info!

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    You're welcome, and glad to hear you got it going with an older, uncorrupted ITL file.

    You might send feedback to apple - this is becoming more common. No idea if they will act on it, but
    itunes menu > help > provide itunes feedback will take you to the webpage