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I rarely buy anything on iTunes but today I notice 3 $1 dollar charges on 2 different days to my credit card. The only app I have is Google Voice which is free but since I rarely use my account, first time I downloaded it it ask me to update my account on my iPhone so I did and now because the phone lost connection it asked again to input the security code on the card for a second time so I did and now I have 3 dollars in illegal charges on my account. Three was when I changed my password on the Apple website and hit update. Thanks for have a terrible accounting system. This glitch is also on the regular website which accounts for my 3 charge. Tell me this Apple how can I be charged for updating my account information ie street address and password.

Make that 4 $1 dollars in charges. I just updated info again on the iTunes software. What is going on here?

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    Read the recent fraud threads, Jake. Someone dishonest may have accessed your information via Apple and is testing your credit card to see if it is legitimate. If you do nothing, you might get taken for a few hundred dollars.
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    These $1 charges are probably Apple checking the card is valid when you change information: they appear as a 'pending' charge but are not followed up so in the end you not charged. This certainly happens when you first open an account, and may also when you make changes.

    You could remove your credit card info from iTunes and only enter it when you actually want to make a purchase - this is what I do, so no-one can use it fraudulently because it isn't there.