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Ray Lovejoy Level 1 (5 points)
I have had my Touch 32Gig about 7 weeks and so far I have not been able to connect to any BlueTooth device. My first experience was trying with a hire car Peugeot 207 with BT built in on the Radio system. Would not connect although allowed initial pairing to take place with passkeys. I have tried with a couple of friends mobiles and they could see the Touch but the Touch couldn't see their device.
I have been trying with my Macbook Intel 2.2Gig running OSX 5.6 without success.
However the pairing experience goes as far as entering passkey (on Macbook) and then iTouch responds and I can enter the pairing number on it OK. However after that both devices report 'not connected', although the Macbook shows quite a lot of tech info on the iTouch Bluetooth. However the iTouch only picks up the name of the MacBook and will not go any further.

Can a MAc iPod guru comment please.

iPod Touch $G 32 Gb, iOS 4, Macbook Intel 2.2Ghz OSX 5.6 (Dec '97)