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Ricardo Velasquez Level 1 Level 1
I had not even completed a month of using my iPhone 4 and it died suddenly. Unbelievable! It is fully dead! What could Ithink about QUALITY PRODUCT?

iPhone, iOS 4
  • Kwopau Level 4 Level 4
    take it to the apple store near you and get it replaced, or call applecare.
  • Tamara Level 6 Level 6
    What troubleshooting have you done? I'd start with plugging it in an AC outlet for at least 30 minutes in case it's just a dead battery.
  • sn4p2k Level 4 Level 4
    hold the sleep/wake button and home button for about 15 seconds until you see the apple logo..
  • Samir Choudhry Level 1 Level 1
    I bought my iphone4 from Plug-Ins at the Dubai Mall on the 18th of Dec 2010.

    Today on the 16th of Jan 2011, ( less than a month from the time I bought it and even lesser from the time I actually started using it ) with the charge level at around 80 % it suddenly died ..... one second it was working and the next second it was gone ...... kind of like the victim of a massive coronary !!

    Googled around and tried a hard reboot as suggested by some people and sure enough it got back to life, however it has taken away my a large amount of my confidence in Apple products and I do hope this is a software glitch that Apple is close to finding a fix for.


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  • jeffkinn_uk Level 2 Level 2
    All computers crash and need to be re-booted and the Iphone is a computer. It's a fact of life and nothing to worry about unless it happens on a regular basis.
  • Sabbiwi Level 1 Level 1
    Same with my phone. It died just yesterday without a reason. Battery almost fully charged. I guess I need to take it to the store tomorrow...
  • jeffkinn_uk Level 2 Level 2
    When it died were you able to get it going again with a hard reset?
  • Meherally Level 4 Level 4
    Hi, Please do not post full serial numbers of products.
  • Ethereal Tech Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I am from Ethereal Tech. We provide mass market solutions in Dubai for Apple products.
    Our foundation is based from transforming the official Apple retail store.

    Your iPhone is a valuable product, it has a dedicated chip, it may fail, you may need to restart.
    Troubleshooting tips are available on

    You may perform a reset, on the device - rarely, does it just fail automatically.
    If you feel you need a better working product, which many users do,
    your iPhone had a 1 year warranty, refer to that.

    Consult Mac Dubai is our services
  • Samir Choudhry Level 1 Level 1
    My woes with my iPhone have intensified !!

    The front camera does not work, selection of the front camera results in the freezing of the camera shutters, now both front and rear camera's do not work, nothing but " reset all settings " activates the rear camera again , as a result face time does not work work either .

    In addition my time settings is giving weird results when put on " set automatically " , it was working fine till I went out of town , moved on to a different network and then it went kaput, having returned home has not helped either, the country I had travelled to was in a time zone 2 hours 30 minutes ahead, the phone now shows time 4 hours 30!minutes ahead !!

    Help ! Thanks for possible solutions
  • Samir Choudhry Level 1 Level 1
    Just got off the phone with Apple support in India , have been adviced to take the phone back to the store in UK where I bought the phone as Apple does not have any support for the iPhone 4 in India.

    However I bought the phone in Dubai from Plug-ins Electronix, a member of the Al-Futtaim Group’s electronics division( they seem to have brought / sourced it from a UK store / shipment , god alone knows how that works )

    Sending it there on Wednesday, hope I get a replacement set.
  • zhenders Level 1 Level 1
    My iphone 4 has just died as well. Bought less than a month ago from the AT&T store. Went to the store where I purchased and they investigated, told me that there was nothing they could do and that I would need to go to the Apple store. The gentleman that was helping me at AT&T was helpful enough to schedule a genius appt for me at the nearest Apple store. When I arrived at the store I soon found that he had made it for the next day. Not happy!

    Been waiting here at the apple store for about 30 minutes for an appointment to open up. Realizing that this is not an uncommon occurrence with the iphone 4 I am starting to question my faith in Apple's products. I have been a loyal customer for years but this place is a zoo and I dont have a phone!
  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X
    Did you try rebooting the phone? Hold HOME and SLEEP for about 10 seconds, until an Apple logo appears.
  • Ethereal Tech Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Samir,

    Did you have this resolved?

    We specialise in iPhone service in Dubai.

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