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JLee Level 1 Level 1
Is there any way to transfer the iWeb file to a pc? My boss doesn't own a Mac and I want her to be able to make changes in the website.
Any suggestions?
  • Niel Level 10 Level 10
    Is there any way to transfer the iWeb file to a pc?

    You can publish to a folder and then transfer the files to the PC, but they can't be imported back into iWeb afterwards.

  • Chuck Usher Level 4 Level 4
    If you have a laptop you could copy the "domain" file to a thumb drive and she could use the laptop for changes.
    No way to edit the domain file on a pc.
  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6
    You can publish the site from iWeb to your desktop and then she can look at these on her pc with Safari, IE etc, but she won't be able to make any changes to the site itself. What she would have to do is look at the site and tell you what changes she wants and you would have to do this on the domain.sites file in iWeb itself.

    To alter html files, which is what they are, you would have to use an html editor such as TextWrangler, but this is difficult.

    As has been suggested, you would either need to give her the html files to look at and make suggestions and then you need to go back and make the alterations or if you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro, then copy the domain.sites file onto this machine and take it to work with you, so that your boss can make alterations directly the the domain.sites file itself.

    These are the only options that you have really, unless you would like to advise your boss to purchase a Mac or your change the software that you are using to design your site to something like Dreamweaver that is both Mac and pc compatible.

    The choice is yours!
  • Koeklin Level 4 Level 4

    I know that iWeb is easy but it isn't a good idea to make an iWeb site if it must be edited on a PC after. A CMS (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) is more suited for this use, especially if it is a pro website.