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My iPhone will turn on and off; receive calls and texts; and charge no problem. Unfortunately, it will not let me 'slide to unlock'. I see incoming calls and hear them perfectly fine, though I cannot 'slide to answer'. It charges no problem, and even updates when plugged into iTunes, but will not let me 'slide to cancel.' It's as if the bottom part of my touch screen is frozen. Help?

Thank you!

iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    I am having the exact same problem! I need help ASAP!
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    I had the same problem a while back I went to the apple store to get my screen change because the glass was cracked at the top the genius bar help out under warranty and replaceed the screen. every thing back to normal i thought. i dropped the phone getting it out of my pocket and could not slide to unlock but i could skip songs on the ipod buttons. what was the connector for the digitizer came out when i dropped. the worker did not seat it fully. in your case if you dropped it and is out of warranty. google how to take the phone apart and reseat the connector.
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    I have been experiencing the same problem. How is the weather when you've encountered this issue? Has your phone been exposed to the cold air? I've noticed the slide to unlock does not respond if my phone is exposed to cold air. If I put it in my pant pocket it's ok. BUT, if it is not kept in a warm surrounding it will not respond!!!
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    Neither "Slide to Unlock" nor Cancel responding, they are the only things appearing on my screen (except for "AT&T", time, clock and battery icons across the top). I've had it charging for about 24 hours, still no response. Can't access any of my data. I'm desperate!
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    try holding the home and power button until it restarts!!!
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    I left iPhone plugged in, held Power at top and Home at bottom, screen went black, then apple icon, then home screen. Everything was there! You were exactly right, thank you!!!

    ` L, G
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    Just found solution on my phone! My slider got stuck everytime I missed a call and I had to completely shut it off and restart in order to reset the slider and unlock. Tonight figured out how to make the slider work.


    HOLD down the slider button for 1-2 seconds and proceed with the swipe! Don't let on the button until you have completely swiped from left to right!


    I've tried it a bunch of times and it works! :-)

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    Thank you a thousand times OVER!! I almost freaked out and then searched and what you told me worked.......thank you again. Haven't wanted to fork out money to update just yet to a 4.

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    this worked for me too.  thank you. you deserve 100 stars!!!

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       Im having this problem too. i did try synchronise to i tunes but still cant unlock.

    Im able to press the button to off but when I slide to off or on it did'nt work.


    Pls i really need your help!! 


    Thank You

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    doubletouch the button and slide on the second touch it worked for mine goodluck

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      It doesnt work for my iphone. i tried many times. try to off and on and synchronize too but still cant slide to unlock. Is there another way to do it? Pls i really really need help!

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    I have the similar problem I dropped my Iphone 3GS and i recently had my screen replaced since it was cracked and now the slide to unlock does not work the only way i can access my stuff and apps is by going into camara mode then hitting the home button and then putting in the passcode i tried restarting it several times and it still wont work. I have T-Mobile so i dont have a securtiy plan where i can get it fix and stuff. Please help.