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I hope someone can help me. My MacBook Pro is not even close to 1 year old and it randomly shuts down completely about twice a day. My battery is stated as in "normal" when looking in the system profiler so I don't think it's the battery, but what other power options could I be having?

I hope there are some Apple gurus that can help me. I am calling Apple tomorrow to see where I can get this fixed, but I don't want the repair guy to say he fixed something when he really didn't. This is my work machine and I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Not having my MacBook Pro for 1 day is a major killer for me.


17" MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    check the crash reporter log at
    Macintosh HD > User (your name?) > Library > Logs > Crash Reporter; post back!
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    I looked at the logs, thank you for pointing out where they are by the way, I've never ran into this before.

    All I see are a few Adobe Synchronizer crashes...AdobeResourceSynchronizer [175]......could this be a software issue? I did just install Adobe Reader a few days ago but I believe the crashes started about a week before I downloaded Reader. I will uninstall Reader and see if the problem still persists. I could be wrong on the dates of when I installed Reader, but unlikely.

    Is there anything I can look for specifically in these crash reports besides the dates that can be useful?
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    Oh, well, if you are so brave as to look at the logs, then this will help: from Applications > Utilities > Console.app, double click Console and run that.

    Talk about having way too much fun and information: I like to look around in there, it is very intuitive. The diagnostic Reports; oh my! But the coolest is to peer into FILES > /private/var/log > fsck_hfs.log, and see what is ailing, lately. The logs come up scolled down already to the most current crash yah.

    Regarding Adobe Reader: I do not use it. For any file that looks for it I do the "get info" (command and "i" key, or when the file is selected click on File in the menu bar and pull down to "get info"), and then in the "get info" box click on Preview, under "Open with," and yes to "Use this applications to open all documents like this one." I personally prefer Preview for opening .pdf files etc., so I have ditched Adobe Reader, no offense. And I do not have on board any MS Office; prefer NeoWriter: less in the bloatware cpu hogging VM-swapping syndrome imho.

    I recently had some System hangs with what turned out to be Adobe Updater (on my Mac Mini, not the MBP). That is a separate app! Click on the magnifying glass at the far right of the top of the screen, and type into the Spotlight search bar "Adobe Updater" ... mouse-over (don't click yet) on a file name that appears under the spotlight search bar and in a couple seconds the Path will display, so you will know where it lives ... I dragged mine off, screaming, (me screaming, not the inert inanimate (who knows though: it is Adobe and MS) files and apps to the trash and emptied them, and never yet (knock on wooden head) have had to rue that moment of assertion of independence ...
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    First update, since removing Adobe Reader from my MacBook Pro, no random shutdowns as of yet. I will post back here early in the week so other people who may be having the same problems can see if that indeed fixed the problem.
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    I'm having a similar problem - my macbook pro switches off intermittently (RSD) whether on charge or battery. The problem seems to have started since recently upgrading to OSX 10.6.5.

    I've tried removing adobe updater but it appears i don't have any adobe applications at all. battery health is good (282 cycles), but i realise it's getting toward the end of it's life.

    I've been wading through every console log but can't find any errors that coincide with the exact time of shutdown. There also seems to be no recurring pattern to the errors.

    my feeling is faulty thermal sensors (bad logic board?). how can check this?
    any other thoughts?
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    I believe your problem may be a bit different than since yours most likely has to do with your battery. I'm still barely after 50 cycles.

    For an update on the Adobe Reader, after two days of uninstalling Adobe Reader all was good until a few minutes ago I came back to my cmoputer completely off again. There is also nothing in the logs to show what happened so I am going to bring my laptop in for hardware repairs.

    I did a full hardware and memory check so I am assuming its the power supply in my case. It's sad to see so many Apple computers have problems in the forums.
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    I also have similar problems but my macbook pro shuts down when its on battery power. Even the date and time changed when i restart my macbook pro. i have to manually change back the time and date.

    How can i solve this problem ?

    Thank you! (:
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    I ended up taking my laptop to an authorized service provider and they called and told me it was my battery causing the random shut downs. I asked why it would shut down when it was plugged in and they didn't really have a clear answer for me.

    For those of you who are having random shut down problems it most likely is your battery. If its within 1 year it is under warranty. If your battery is having problems and its past the warranty you have two options, take it to a apple authorized service provider or attempt to change it yourself. Since the new MacBook Pro's don't have an interchangeable battery only pros "suppose" to do this.

    You may find a video on YouTube on how to do it but I for one would send it to someone who knows what they are doing.

    If I get my MacBook back and for some reason I am stil having issues I will update this thread. Otherwise we can conclude that this is indeed a battery problem, and many forums and blogs online also have the same issue.
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    i don't think we can conclude anything, especially since your genius couldn't explain why he thought it was your battery - certainly doesn't sound like a battery issue to me if it still happens whilst plugged in.

    i read elsewhere about thermal sensors going haywire - i think this is much more plausible.

    but for me, the problem seems to have been a bad hard drive - some sectors got scrambled doing the update from 10.6 to 10.6.5. i'm back at 10.6 now and repaired my hard disc and everything has been working fine for a week now.

    so check your hard drives before you hand over your wallet to some genius who can't explain why but just has a gut feeling you need a new battery or logic board
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    Sorry for not being more specific, but the Apple service rep did tests on my machine with and without the battery and the tests he did failed everytime with the battery, and passed everytime without it and he was 100% sure it was the battery that was causing the crashes.

    He also noted sometimes laptops are shipped with defective batteries and it is possible for the battery to trigger the laptop to switch off even when its plugged in. I am not sure how or why but again I will reply back on this forum if my laptop keeps acting up after they replace it.

    Your problem seems to be different since it's with your hard drive, and I've had several hard drives go on me in the past and thats very common. I know how to do hard drive diagnostics and if you purchase drive genius you are golden with your mac.

    I hope this forum can help someone out there having problems, but remember you can buy drive genius and you can also run teh hardware diagnositics from your installation DVD that came with your mac. That will tell you if your memory and logic board are ok. If you pass your hard drive, memory, and logic board, then its most likely your battery that your having problems with.
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    I'm having a similar problem that has only recently started. I have a macbook pro that will launch the screen saver (like it is set up to do), and sometime when I return to the computer and try to wake it up, it refreshes immediately to the login screen. That is, it has rebooted in the background while it looks like the screen saver is running. This happens while it is plugged in.

    I can't figure out any patterns to the problem. I did have a bad battery over a year ago, but it was replaced under warranty.
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    You were right! Got my MacBook Pro back from the authorized dealer and my MacBook Pro is still shutting off randomly, what a headache. I must say this is one reason why I will never buy an Apple computer as a business machine ever again. I have to travel out of my way for them to look at it, then they order parts (2-3 days) then test it for a few hours and I again have to travel over an hour to get my machine.

    Apple does not have a convenient network built in Canada and this is hurting them with people like myself, the young professional who uses their mac for work.

    The authorized repiar tech said he is basically guessing at what part to replace based on Apple's guidance. I am not getting clear answers. Here is to another week without my work machine.

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