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I have the Gen-2 Apple TV. Home sharing seems to be working OK from "my" iMac - that is, I can see music and movies in my library. However, I'm unable to share the photos I want to show on the TV.

"My" iMac isn't used for iPhoto - we have another Mac that does all that - but I have a network file share (AFS from Linux) which has all my photos on it. All I want to do is select a folder on that and share those photos to the ATV. (This same folder works fine as a source for the Mac's own screen saver.) In iTunes, when I go into Advanced->"Choose Photos to Share", "Choose Folder", and navigate to the folder I want to use, it tells me how many photos are in it - but on the ATV when I go to the Photos selection, it tells me that I need to go use "Choose Photos to Share" to select what to show.

I've searched these forums and the web at large and I can't find any discussion of this being done (successfully or not). Am I missing something? Is it actually not possible to share photos that aren't locally stored or in an iPhoto library? If so, that would be most unfortunate.

Thanks in advance...

Apple TV gen 2/iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)