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I have a MacBook Pro with OS 10.6.5. I am running the most current iTunes available. I checked for iTunes updates before syncing my iPad. I have a 64 GB 3G+WiFi iPad. I backed up the iPad before downloading & updating to iOS 4. Now the iPad has frozen four times during the sync, and iTunes with it. I tried restoring the iPad from the back up, but it freezes EVERY time (lost count after 6 attempts).

After searching fruitlessly for any solution in the forum, I finally removed the iOS update from the iPad Software updates folder, since it was the newest thing and likely the cause of the crashing, and tried restoring the iPad to original settings. That worked. However, when I tried restoring from back up, to get my apps etc. back, it froze AGAIN!!! I have been at this for about 6 hours and I'm frustrated with Apple, with iTunes, and with my iPad. I fear I have lost all my apps, their data, etc. Frankly I'm pretty peeved! Any help anyone can give, I'd very much appreciate. I plan on giving Apple an earful in the morning. I'm pretty dependent on my iPad for school (I'm a teacher). NOT happy right now. I can't use the iPad at all.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    I agree with you,it's a pain.I lost all my music and movies.I didn't know you had to back them up.I thought when you buy them they save to your iTunes account but I was wrong,with all my android things that's how it works.nice and perfect.but apple isn't as user friendly as people think.I'm ****** and I'm getting rid of this 64 gig piece of crap
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    Do you not see the menu item in iTunes "Transfer purchases from iPad to iTunes"?

    All you have to do was connect your iPad to the PC and hit that option.

    You should always back up before an OS upgrade. Always

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    I have all the things from the iPad on the laptop in iTunes. I did back up. What is happening is the iOS installs, but the apps will not restore to the iPad. That is when it freezes.
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    Doesn't matter anyway. I have backed my iPad up constantly but it still keeps on freezing when trying to restore after updating to 4.2

    Have tried numerous times to no avail. The only way I can use my iPad is to set up as new iPad. But even after backing up, it still won't resync.

    S0 responders telling everyone it is their fault get off your high horse and realise that there are real problems with this update....
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    Another step might just be to uninstall and reinstall iTunes ... I had a problem way back with an iPod freezing during sync, and ending doing a complete reinstall. Was a royal pain, but solved the problem...
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    Good news! Sort of... My iPad finally completed it's reboot. I just left it for about an hour and a half. It was "stuck" at the 80% mark, but just came up. I was NOT connected to iTunes. HOWEVER, it's in the restore to factory settings mode. NONE of my apps are there. Oddly enough, though, a calendar event I had in it just beeped an alarm. I tried the photo app, and it took a while to "rebuild" the library, but after a few minutes, it restored some of my pictures, though not all of them, and all the event names are gone, replaced with a three digit number and IMPRT (looks like 102IMPRT). I'm not sure why some events were recovered/saved and others were not. I don't see a common, linking factor yet.

    The question I'm asking myself is whether to try restoring from my back up or not.
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    Note: The iPad finally rebooted with iOS 4.2.1 installed. (See last post.)

    Okay! I threw the dice & hooked the iPad up to the laptop with iTunes open. Unfortunately the reinstall of iTunes defaulted to the automatic sync, that can only be changed when the iPad is already hooked up. (I hate that.) In any case, the sync started before I even realized it, being used to it waiting for me to click the sync button. I was going to attempt to restore from my backup, but given all the trouble this has been I didn't want to interrupt the sync, so I let it go. I seem to have all my apps. My address book seems to have all its data, as do my calendar, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Notetaker HD, Penultimate, ReaddleDocs, and PDFReader. Most of my books, and all of my purchased books were in iBooks, but 5-7 of the free books I'd downloaded from iTunesU were missing as were the three video lessons I'd downloaded from iTunesU.

    Summing Up
    1) I tried reinstalling the latest version of iTunes, but experienced the same problems as previously described.
    2) It appears that the new iOS 4 finally rebooted after about 90 minutes or so, despite the apparently normal progress to the 80% or so mark, and then apparently freezing. WALK AWAY! Do something else & see if it reboots. This obviously takes LOTS of time! It was NOT hooked to iTunes. I don't know if this was key or not. iTunes kept freezing, so I did a Force Quit, and left it off.
    3) When the iPad finally rebooted, all my apps were missing. I opened Photos, and it spent a few minutes rebuilding my photo libraries. I was missing some photos, but most of the albums appeared to be there. My calendar appeared intact with all dates, appointments, etc.
    4) I opened iTunes and synced my iPad. I seem to have the majority of my data. I'm not perfectly happy with the percentage of recovery, but I can live with it.
    5) Recommendations: a) If you're already experiencing what I was, try the steps above. It's exceedingly frustrating, but I finally got my iPad working with the vast majority of my data. b) If you haven't updated to iOS 4, DON'T!! At least not until Apple puts out a fix for this major iOS update problem.
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    There are two options that could possibly work to recover lost Notes on an iPad. One of them is to restore the iPad back to its latest sync and see if that works. Another idea is to use a third party program to recover iPad data.

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    I had the same problem. Sent a bunch of my pics to the trash can never to be seen again. I used a program called iPad Recovery to restore them...only thing is you'll need a PC. Plug your iPad into your USB drive and it will appear on the left of the program...a bunch 'deleted' files will appear on the right. Restore the ones you want from there.


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    When you "updated" to new iOS, did you update or restore? If you restored, did you set your ipad up as new, or did you restore from backup?
    I suppose you could try getting your data back by connecting to the PC where you last backed up before you updated (your work PC in this case), and restoring from that backup.


    Connect your iPad to PC, start iTunes, right click on the iPad icon in the left-hand column, select "Restore from backup."


    You will, however, lose any changes you made to your ipad since you updated.


    Or, you could try extracting your data from your backup by using a program like iBackupbot. I haven't personally used it myself, but from what I understand, it should do what you need.

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    Try Amacsoft iTunes Backup Extractor, we can use it to restore iPad data from iTunes backup file. This guide would tell you more:  how to extract ipad data