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    To the contrary, my home network is very simple; I merely provided as much detail as possible.
  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)
    A lot more complex than mine. Again, since it is working as advertised on mine it is not AirPlay that is your problem.
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    deggie wrote:
    A lot more complex than mine. Again, since it is working as advertised on mine it is not AirPlay that is your problem.

    That conclusion is asinine! The only thing that changed in my scenario is the iOS level on my iPad. AirTunes works without a hitch, then dies with the new software. How is this not a break in AirPlay? ... and if iOS 4.2 was a deferred release due to bugs, then what makes you so confident that 4.2.1 is without error?
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    This is the plain answer: you woun't
    for airplay to work YOU DO REQUIRE Apple TV SECOND GENERATION. Period.
    This is very frustrating because there is no way (at least not to my knowledge) to stream video through the APTV 1st generation...
    I tried connecting my iphone & ipad to a wireless network having an Airplay-enabled device (in this case it was an APTV-2Gen) and then there it was the infamous icon! And yes, I was able to stream not only music videos and movies, but also youtube content from my iphone..
    I guess this is going to be as frustrating for you as it was for me, but you have to get an APTV-2Gen
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    I called Apple and they said it should work with first generation Apple TV, but it doesn't on my iPAD and iPhone. Clearly a software problem.
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    I would love to hear that you have succeeded. I have a 160 Gig APPTV and I refuse to believe there's no way out. However, the facts are contundent:

    1. There is no "AirPlay" menu on the APTV 1G. Only "AirTunes"
    2. My iPad and iPhone works perfectly fine with an APTV 2G, thus it is not a software problem on either my iphone or iPad.
    3. Airport Xpress, TimeCapsules and other Wireless devices that do not deliver "AirPlay" will not show the AirPlay menu on either the iPhone or iPad, regardless any reset, software updates or even prayers.

    Anoying, isn't it?
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    I called Apple and they said it should work with first generation Apple TV

    They were wrong.
    The 1st gen has not been (and most likely will not be) updated to include AirPlay.
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    Lynkus - you are NOT crazy. I have a very simple network like you - Airport Extreme base, with Airport Express extender set up to join the wireless network. For the life of me, I can't get my iPhone 4 to get the AirPlay option to pop up, so I can play the music from my phone through the Express speakers.

    Remote works great, but I want to have the ability to have multiple devices play their own media on separate speakers in different rooms. Just like you.

    I have reconfigured the AExpress as many ways as I can, and both my phone, and my wife's 3GS don't offer the AirPlay icon.
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    Some people have already written that the AirPlay icon only appears when a compatible device is available -- this is true, but misleading. The AirPlay icon only appears when your iPad is connected to Wifi. So, start by going to your settings and making sure you are connected. Then double-click the home button and scroll to the far left to find your iPod controls and an AirPlay icon should appear if you have a new AppleTV on your network like I do. iPod music plays great.

    Now launch Photos and use AirPlay to display a slideshow with music and...hey, what the?
    Your AirPlay icon just vanished and your wifi connection on the iPad has terminated. Or maybe you got a few blips of music and one photo and then it froze.

    Photos application and AirPlay don't like to play nice. You can see plenty of examples of this on YouTube already. The lag between actions on the iPad and synch to the AppleTV is confusing enough but sometimes just flicking between photos on the iPad is enough to dump the AppleTV back to the main menu. Music will cut in and out at the start of slideshows, sometimes flashing the covert art and description of the last song playing from the iPod and then flashing back to the music selected for slideshow. And sometimes it just gives up entirely and drops the wifi connection.

    I suspect the AirPlay and the iOS multitasking teams never really figured out what would happen when AirPlay ran into conflicts -- two applications like iPod and Photos both trying to stream to a device at the same time. The error behavior isn't consistent and frankly the interface behavior isn't even designed to be consistent either. Slideshows only play on one device at a time but individual photos display in both places and thus can easily be out of synch. Want to display a Photo with AirPlay while picking out a song? Sorry, when you jump to iPod, your AppleTV drops the photo for its last menu. Sometimes the iPod shows itself playing but you get no sound. Slideshows run with no music when music is enabled.

    AirPlay is simply a finicky, unreliable mess right now. Reboot your iPad and everything will probably work at least once. Hey, at least you don't need to use a paperclip to do it.
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    Hi... not sure that you CAPS comment is entriely correct..

    I have an iPhone 3GS and it sees my Airport Express connected to my Denon stereo and streams music directly to it over Airplay.

    My iPad however has no connection to the same device when trying to stream iTunes bought audio content from the iPod app. I suspected that my network was to blame. The Airport express sits as an extension to my Wireless N network but is in 802.11n (b&g compatibility mode). I iPad is connecting to it on 802.11n and the iPhone 3GS over 802.11(b&g). For the record, the Airplay functionality also plays nicely with my MacBook. This inconsistency has me baffled...

    Your thoughts...

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    My solution was quite a simple one in the end...

    I have two wireless networks one on 802.11n at 5GHz and another for my legacy devices on 802.11b&g. My Airport Express Base Station was sitting on the 802.11n side of the house.

    My iPad had automatically connected to the b&g.... after I had changed the settings to the Airport Extreme but not restarted it.

    So... normal service resumed - AirPlay - it just works (so long as you don't suffer from PICNIC - problem in chair not in computer!)
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    Funny thing is - my son's iPod touch (2nd generation) works JUST FINE with the software update, and the AirPlay shows my Express speakers.

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    I'm having issues too. My iPhone 4 finds the speakers hooked into my Airport express. My iPad, remote does as well. My iPad, iPod app doesn't find the Airport doesn't make sense. I don't need an AppleTV to stream music from my iPad, iPod app to my airport express do I?
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    I do have the same issue. I can see my Airport Express (AE) without any issue with mu iPhone 3GS iOS4.2, but the Airplay icon on my iPad iOS4.2 often disappears. It looks like using the Airplay from the iPhone makes the iPad recover the Aisplay connection.
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    I use Airport Extreme and Pandora with no problem. Get iTUNES running and use the icon at the top to select remote speakers. Then switch to Pandora and start streaming. The Pandora tunes will play on your remote speakers.