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I have a strange problem...

Prior to iTunes 10, running the visualizer in full screen mode in OS X would prevent the screensaver from activating. This was great for parties etc, I could leave my lap-top playing with the visualizer running, while people would hand around my iPhone and select tracks from the remote App.

Since updating to iTunes 10, the screensaver cuts in over the visualizer. Although only the screensaver is visible, I have reason to believe the visualizer is still running the in the background, because the screensaver becomes slow and jerky. When the screensaver is interrupted, the visualizer continues to run, minimised to the iTunes window.

Is there some kind of option in iTunes to prevent the screensaver when the visualizer is running? If there is, I can't find it. Or, like Windows, is there an option to inhibit the screensaver when running a full-screen program?

Hope someone can help?