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Hi all,

I was recently having some issues with sending/receiving data over 3G on my iP4. To try & resolve this, I did a clean restore of my phone. Since then, I have been unable to save any images from the camera (or email, mms etc) to my phone.

Initially after the restore, I synced my old pictures across to create a photo library. When taking new pictures they would not save to the camera roll, but a small image was shown at the bottom-left of the camera screen (but again, when clicking on this it would tell me there were no pics).

Also, the video function is now no longer working at all. It will open the video option, allow me to press the record button, but doesn't actually begin to records & greys out/freezes the camera roll icon, record/stop button & camera/video toggle button.

I have tried restarts etc, but nothing has seemed to work so far. I'm DESPERATE to resolve this by Friday as I'm going to see my newborn son for the first time & this is my only 'camera'.

ANY help/advice is MUCH appreciated!!!


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    Well here is one option: make a new backup, then in itunes select Restore all over again which will install clean os. Once thats done, you can just activate phone with new temporary name & launch Camera app to see if its all fine & dandy. If it is then you can do a Restore from Backup: right click on phone in itunes & select 'Restore from Backup.'
    Do any images show up in like iPhoto or Image Capture or Aperture desktop apps? The images might be there, just not showing up or something. With everyone downloading update it might take longer than usual, might want to wait for a less busy time to reinstall os? Just a thought.
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    Hi, I tried a new restore this morning. From a 'clean' phone the camera & camera roll works fine, but as soon as I restore from my previous back-up it no longer works.
    The photos seem to be 'saving' somewhere in the phone, but not showing in the full camera roll. When I take a picture, it shows the save action & the smaller version is visible in the bottom-left of the camera app. But when I select the camera roll, the full version of the picture is not there.

    I would start a new, clean phone, but I don't sync things such as my contacts etc elsewhere, so I'd be losing all my data.

    Any other ideas guys?!
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    You could export entire phone with Phone View, I own it to get texts & voicemail off ...then for like contacts, you could import the vcf? files (or 1 massive file) all into Address Book on the desktop so you always have a hard copy then Sync back to iPhone. I'd wait to see if anyone else posts with better advice
    But wait did you see the photos in iPhoto or whatever app you use? Just curious if they show up there.
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    I'm on a Windows 7 laptop, & don't use iPhoto etc. Literally everything I do is actually via the phone itself i.e. management/viewing of photos, contacts, etc.
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    Is it just your contacts that you'd want if starting anew?

    Might be worth writing them down or uploading them to MyHub as you're in the UK (free 2GB storage) then add things again from afresh bit by bit.

    Seems you have something on your backup that is corrupting it.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    I've actually just wiped the phone completely & started from scratch & it seems to be working fine now...... Although I now have the fun task of manually restoring everything. Joy(!)

    Thanks all.