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Since getting the iPad I have struggled with the Mail app. The accounts I use have an extensive folder structure to store mail and on the Mac I can open and close (expand and collapse) these at will to navigate easily without cluttering up the left hand panel folder list display. If I could not collapse them it would be unusable since there are a LOT of folders and I'd be forever scrolling up and down the huge list.

But hey, guess what, Mail on the iPad is just like that. The folders are ALWAYS expanded and to get to some of them requires a ridiculous amount of swiping up and down. You cannot even use a scroll bar to go directly to a particular part of the list, just swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe and so on.

I have been eagerly awaiting iOS4.2 in the vain hope that Apple would have cured this massive oversight, but sadly I seem to be mistaken.

Ok, rant over, but can anyone tell me I am wrong and that you can indeed collapse and expand these folders at will? I'd love to be proved wrong and I CANNOT be alone in using a large structured storage for my email messages which makes iPad (and iPhone probably) Mail such a PIA to use.

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    I have the same issue with folders. It seems to be a trend lately to get away from folder structures and the Archive button is taking over. The trend is to just archive the emails and use the search engine to find them later. In some ways this is a good idea but inefficient in some ways. Searching 30,000 archived emails when you know it's in a folder with only a few hundred emails is hard to swallow.

    To combat the issue I've started to reorganize my folder structure into a simpler more manageable setup. First cab off the rank has been to get rid of subfolders. Now I only have about 20 top level folders and that gets rid of the huge scrolling problem to some degree.

    It's going to be a compromise where old ways must meet the new and there are going to be tradeoffs. I doubt Apple is going to change the way the mail app works in this regard simply because it gets away from the KISS principal that Apple seems to follow. I'm not happy changing my habits of 20 or so years but there's no other alternative I can see if I want to use the iPad as my primary email reader. I really love using the iPad for email as it frees me from the confines of the office chair but, as always, there is a price to pay.

    One of the most promising new Mac desktop mail clients I've seen in a while is Sparrow. It too use the simplistic approach although it does support folders/labels it is cumbersome in that regard too. This reinforces my belief that things are changing and I guess we will need to bend somewhat with it.
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    Well, I think programmatically it wouldn't be hard to change the iPad interface so that the folders could be collapsed - it is after all how they do it on the Mac. I just don't think they really thought it through and imagine all their users are playing around with only a few emails, rather than having to cope with the deluge that gets received in the real world.

    Wouldn't be the first time Apple have suffered this blinkered approach - much as I love their products.
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    Same issue here, exactly!

    I'm a folder and subfolder geek, and iPad should have the collapse folder option in the mail UI.
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    If you wish to raise issues with or suggest changes to Apple, then you need to talk to them directly. These forums, strictly user-user and for technical support issues, are not an avenue for that. Use the feedback forms set up for the various hardware and software packages:

    Feedback area of Apple Support: http://www.apple.com/feedback
    iPad Feedback Form: http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html
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    Thanks for your help, Michael, I will, and sorry for any inconvenience... :-/
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    YVW, and by no means was that intended just for you.