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    reboot worked for me thanks for the tip
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    Had a similar issue with Airplay. Was able to play video with sound, and pictures no problem, but music would play on the iPhone with no sound through Airplay on TV.

    Resolution : You have to reset Apple TV (in General Settings). Took about 10-15 mins and you then have to reset your wifi details etc, but music from iPhone now works perfectly.
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    Never had this issue, but as time went on my iPad remote became unresponive to controlling the ATV2. But both iPhone worked. BTW everything is updated.

    Took it to Apple along with my TimeCapusle and iPhone iPad and found nothing and ironically everything worked at the store.

    Back home everything worked. Then I notice audio streaming stop working from the iPod app or pandora app when the TC and ATV2 were wired together with an ethernet cable but worked perfect when the ATV2 was wirelessly connected to my network and not wired to the TC. Checked with two new cables too. What's so crazy is YouTube streamed from the iPhone/IPad whether the ATV2 was wired or wireless.

    There's some obvious bugs that needs to sqaushed, ASAP, the novelty of AirPlay is wearing off for me.

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    I have similar problems. Testing has shown the following results which are repeatable. Start streaming music on iPod app using AirPlay from iPhone 4 to new AppleTV. Open the Photos app and select an event. Select a single photo in the event and, without trying to use AirPlay, the music starts skipping or goes out altogether. This lasts for 1 minute and the music starts playing again normally. At this point I can use AirPlay to show the photos on the AppleTV normally. During the 1 minute of interference, AirPlay on the Photos app does not work and no photos can be shown. All this testing was done after upgrading to the latest Airport firmware, rebooting the iPhone and even a full restore of the iPhone. I have tested this at least 20 times today and the performance is exactly the same every time, even to the time duration of the interference. No other app causes this problem. I do not get this result if I use AirPlay on my iPad to show photos. Everything works perfectly. There seems to be something wrong with the Photos app on the iPhone. Since this came with the 4.2 software upgrade, there seems to be no way to fix it since iTunes says my software is up to date. I encourage others to try this to see if we can find a common pattern. Perhaps this will make it easier for Apple to fix it.
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    Problem fixed!!!! After a visit to the local Apple Store, I received the following advice which corrected my problem with AirPlay and now everything works as expected.
    1. After syncing everything and with the iPhone connected to iTunes, choose Restore. When the restore is almost complete, the iPhone screen will indicate that the phone should be plugged into iTunes. Unplug the iPhone briefly and plug it in again.
    2. When prompted whether to restore data from backup or restore as a NEW PHONE, choose New Phone.
    3. When the process is finished, you will need to restore your settings for MobileMe, Sync settings, etc. Then finish selecting your Apps, music, videos, photos, etc.
    This takes a little time to complete, but it worked for me. Good luck.
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    Airplay with music from my iPhone 3GS is very inconsistent. I have OS 4.2.1.

    Most of the time, the Airplay symbol does not show in music/iPod/Pandora apps. I rebooted the phone and it showed up. I then synced the phone (within a few minutes) and the symbol disappeared again. Rebooted again thinking it would fix the problem as it had. No luck--the symbol is still gone.

    The presence of the symbol should definitely not be so spotty.
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    Hey guys,
    This audio thing was driving me nuts like everyone, apple experts had no idea there was even a problem- genius yeah right>
    anyway- here is what I brainstormed and it worked for me.
    I restored the airplay with newest update and no luck. Restartiong the phone no luck. So I tried the ipod touch, itunes and ipad it worked- no surprise. I was not interested in spending an hour restoring the firmware for the iphone so I didn't bother.
    so flipping frustrating.
    So then I thought what's the difference between the iphone and the ipod touch? Its the cell radio, even when airplane mode is active the device is still recognized as a phone if there is a sim in it.
    Try face chat to ipod touch while the iphone is on airplane mode and wifi is on- it will work only if there is a sim in it. This is true even if a ipad 3g sim card is put in the iphone it will work with face chat. The iphone just needs a phone number for identification.
    Without a sim card the iphone and ipod touch will not establish a facetime chat. you just cant make calls or 3g use.
    Anyway so the only way to make the iphone behave like a ipod touch is to remove the sim. (Use a paper clip or a pin etc.)
    so I popped out the sim. I then airplayed the ipod touch established a wifi connection. All the features worked as usual. Then I tried the iphone 4 withouot the sim and the video worked as usual. I then held my breath and tried the music...
    and it worked finally!

    so here is my guess the 4.2.1 update must have affected the airplay some how in establishing a complete pairing with the iphone; and I guess once the frequency of the wifi of a ipod touch and hopefully itunes or the ipad -which I didnt try- will esablish a clean wifi across all devices.
    I then popped the sim card back in the phone with wifi on and cell signal, and all the features, video, youtube as well. I restarted the iphone in case it was a one time luck. and it still worked.
    So In short I believe the fact that the phone is recognized even in airplane mode causes a sort of botched wifi connection with the Airplay. The phone radio and or identity as phone is interfering with a initial clean wifi connection and somehow disabling airplay's complete features.

    let me know if it works.

    good luck-
    Im sure they will fix this in the next update.
    please let me know what your results are I'm interested in seeing if this works.
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    THANKS This problem was driving me NUTS!!
    - Popping SIM, started iPod, Voila, there is the AirPlay icon. Reseated SIM card, even rebooted phone, AirPlay still working !! - iPhone even wakes up the Apple TV again to play - YAY !!
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    Kind of worked for me too...initially I took out SIM rebooted iPhone 4, airplay worked fine. However when I added the SIM the intermittent music problems returned. So I took out SIM and played it, worked fine. Powered off iPhone, added SIM back in and turned on, worked fine....UNTIL it went intermittent again but far less than ever before. I noticed that the iphone is still streaming to Aplple TV as the seconds tick by on the TV screen counter (where you get the album artwork etc..), so I paused and unpaused and we are back up an running...

    Not great but better, has to be a software issue...
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    I have the same issue after upgrading ATV to 4.2.2. My solution is to toggle on and off the wifi everytime on the device which is used for airplay (e.g. if one is to use iPhone to airplay music, toggle wifi on iPhone. When one is to airplay music through iTunes, toggle the wifi on Mac). It works for me though kinda stupid. Apple please fix it.

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    I am having the same problem. Airplay seems to be flaky while trying to play music from my iPhone. At first, rebooting iPhone didn'nt help. Then I reset the airplay password on ATV. That helped. My ATV has the SW update and iPhone has 5.0.1. As a consumer I hate tthe flakiness and as an engineer, I would like to fix such problems, if I could. I hope Apple remedies this soon.

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    i had the same problem, videos, pictures everything works with the apple tv 2 exept the music stream from the iphone 4s. I got all the latest version on my devices (apple Tv 2, iphone4s, itunes, iOs...). I tried the reboot, the restore... nothing works.


    But the thing that works for me was simple, simply unplug my modem/rourteur, desactivate and reactivate the wifi on my iphone 4 and it fixed the problem !  Music stream works fine now.

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    IT'S THE SIM CARD!! That worked for me! My AirPlay on my AppleTV has been randomly killing my ability to listen to music on my iPhone 4s for weeks now. My sound would intermittenly cut out without warning or consistency. The last week it won't kick back in when streaming music (or even playing a video from my photo recording).


    And not wanting to go the Full iPhone Restore option which is a pain - i simply removed the SIM Card....played my music and VOILA. After a few minutes I reinsterted the SIM Card and music is still playing. I have yet to test out my connection w/ my Apple TV to see if that is affected or if the problem reverts again, but at the minimum, I have a simple workaround solution until Apple sends out the bug fix which I'm sure they're working in.

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    I have been having similar problems. I can shed some light and help with some work arounds but I don't think this should be happening. With respect to the intermittent music streaming. Mine would do the same. Using iPhone 4 and AppleTV2 I would stream music to the ATV2 and it would work for about five to ten minutes then cut out. I solved this by turning off Bluetooth. Once I did that streaming worked for as long as I wanted it to. As many of you have said when trying to start music streaming from the iphone to the ATV2 there is no Airplay symbol. If you go to settings on the ATV2 then down to Airplay - toggle it off and on again. Once you do that the symbol will appear on the phone and streaming can begin. But, I don't think this should be required each time. It does work and is a lot quicker than rebotting the phone but to much to have to do each time. If Airplay is on then it should be ready to stream anytime you want to play music across it. Apple needs to resolve this. Hope this helps you out.

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    You need to reboot both deviced (iphone, ipad,etc) and Apple Tv. If you have both ipad and iphone on, turn both off too.