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Hi, i am one of the many pilots who uses the faboulous ipad as electronic flight bag in flight. There is a big issue with the ipad brightness control slider: the ipad lower setting is still to bright to use the pad on night flights.
I guess it is a problem too for all the night users either pilots or not.
For instance, i have the iphone 4 and it allows the user to dim the light almost to zero, perfect for night use.
Can apple do somethig on the ipad software to dim the backlight down as the iphone 4 does???

Thanks a lot.

Davide cerutti, helicopter professional pilot, italy.

Ipad 3g 16gb 4.2.1, iOS 4, Ipad iphone mbp15
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    Hello, Davide. Welcome to the discussions.

    We're all just other users like yourself, and apple doesn't really read these forums, so the best place to submit a request is here:

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    Hi, thanks.

    Well, I did it.

    Hey, is there anyone who knows a practical way to dim this **** backlight down? thanks!!!
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    If you're adventurous, you might try some window tinting film. I don't know if it would still register your finger movements but it would definitely cut down the brightness, and help protect your screen besides.

    Make sure you get something non-adhesive.

    Disclaimer: I never tried this myself. It's just an idea I had. If you break your iPad trying it, please don't hold me responsible. On the other hand if you start a world wide corporation selling ipad tinting film...please send me a case of beer.

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    Out of interest, are you allowed to even use the a computer in the cockpit ?

    There was the recent case of the pilots who overshot the entire airport and half the state without even noticing as they were "too busy doing their emails". I thought the FAA and Europeans banned their use, but I am sure you can advise.
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    A buddy of mine is learning to fly and uses his iPad all the time. Apparently you can get apps with the "sectional" maps and various flight calculators. Keep that circular slide-rule handy in case the battery goes dead.

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    Apps which have their own brightness controls, readers being an example, can frequently be set to lower brightness levels by using both controls together than is possible by using eithernof them alone. You have to play around a bit to see which has to be dialed down first (it makes a difference for some reason) and should be aware that these 'double low' settings tend to be unstable; any further adjustments result in big jumps in brightness.
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    If viewing PDFs, try Goodreader. It has a night mode and I find it works well in the cockpit at night.

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    Have you tried setting the screen to display in 'photo negative'? That would be white on black and then you could adjust the brightness accordingly. I just found the option on a tip from another user. Basically triple-clicking the home button enables and disables this option after setting up the triple-click under settings / display. I am a newb too. Hope this helps.

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    To me it sounds more like a problem that should be addressed at least partially through the app itself. As already mentioned above, most readers feature brightness controls or night-reading modes in addition to the overall iPad controls. The same is true for classes of apps designed to be used outside at night, such as astronomy charts and star finders and the like.

    I'm a pilot myself and it just seems logical that any iPad app designed and meant for inflight use in night/IMC would include a night viewing mode and, for that matter, would have brightness and perhaps contrast controls that wouldn't require you to leave the app to change.
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    I think i read all the posts, and many pointed to the app itself that your using to view your information/ do calculations. But nobody seemed to mention writting the app developer and letting them know you would like to see a certain feature added like brightness control.

    Most developers are more than willing to listen to the good advice and recomendaitons of their users.

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    I do a lot of night reading, and do the following that works pretty well


    - first I set my background screen to a dark color, or a deep red.


    - but most helpful is in the settings app I select general, Accessability, turn on white on black, and also select triple click home to white on black.


    That way when I have a screen that is still too bright, clicking the home button 3 times reverses the colors on the screen. All the text turns to white and the white background turns black.


    Really helps!

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    There's no good software solution to dim your iPad below the lowest brightness setting. I ended up getting a dimmy from http://www.dimmy.net and it was exactly what I needed.