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Is it normal for things to lag a little. Every now and then when I unlock my phone the apps kind of jump into place. Don't know if that's normal. No real big issue though

iOS 4
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    I dont have this issue at all so would I call it normal probably not but it may fix itself in a future update anyway..
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    You never experience any lag on your phone at all? Everything runs smoothly?
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    Try resetting your iPhone by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.
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    I don't think that it is no lagging that is the problem, but I have noticed since the upgrade to iOS 4.2.1 that the phone is prone to a noticeable lag.

    In the past I would hold the icons and then after a couple of seconds it would jiggle and allow me to move them. Then when I finished what I was doing, I would press the home button and within about 1/2 a second it would be back to normal. Now, however, it is a completely different affair. When I press the icons I have to wait for upwards of 4 seconds to get them to jiggle, and the pressing the home button seems to take about the between 3 and 4 seconds before the icons are back to normal. Now this may be a number of factors, or just by design, but it is noticeable. At first I thought it was a problem, as the in the past it has been very much quicker.

    I have also noticed that games will lag badly, if they are trying to establish a connection with the Gamecenter servers. I couldn't care less about Gamecenter or the like, but slowing my games down for it really ticks me off.

    I have also noticed that sometimes pressing the Home button needs in excess of 5 seconds before some response is shown by the iPhone. This is random and does not seem to be associated with anything in particular. Again is it noticeable and as such, becomes something that we see a a problem.

    I have found that scrolling is far slower to respond. Sometimes you press and drag on the screen to scroll down, only to find the iPhone does not respond for several seconds. A friend of mine started to press the screen harder as she thought that it had not registered her request. Buttons is various apps are non-responsive and in general I feel that this version was not entirely ready for release.

    I was never a fan of iOS 4, but due to replacement hardware I was lumbered with it. I couldn't care less about Multitasking on the iPhone as it did all I wanted under 3.1.3. Then when they forced it on us, we had little choice but to suck it and see. This coupled with the performance hits incurred with multitasking and memory usage and the whole show is less than impressive. I know that there are people out there who will shout that as they have no problem, then neither should we, but that is rarely the case.

    As some one else said, why oh why do I fall for the update each time they release it. I'll tell you why, cause the problems we faced and were told by either Apple or the Rumour mill would be fixed, gave us the impression that bug fixes would be the highest priority.

    I just wish Apple for once would do a BUG FIX and nothing else. No new features, no new additions or whizz bang fun bits, just bust as many bugs as possible. Don't even streamline the OS, just fix it. Adding features that work in the lab is all well and good, but don't complain when you release them into the world and they are not exactly working properly. I have no need of Airplay, I use the excellent Air Video app. I have no use of Airprint, as none of my expensive printers will ever support it. I am sure however, that many people will have use of them.

    I do however applaud Apple for the inclusion of 'Find My iPhone'. This feature is excellent and almost worth the hassles just to have it. I will now be able to direct the Police to the nasty little chav should they ever nick my iPhone.

    Anyone else agree?
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    I am just writing that there has been some issues and the phone doesn't work as smoothly as I thought it would. Some issues include when I unlock the phone usually the icons smoothly slide into place on screen. However sometimes the icons kind of move onto the screen in a very jumpy and unsmooth manner. I also noticed when I text that sometimes when I send the message through the text bubble will blink. Both of these issues happen so fast that I can't even take a screenshot of it. I was just wondering if it were normal. I went to apple and they said it was a software issue, but I think people think it's worse then it really is. Because they asked me to take a screen shot when these issues occur, but it happens so fast that I can't even do it. The only thing I can think it is, is that the processor is having a hard time processing somethings. And I was just wondering if anyone else runs into some small hiccups. Other then that, the phone works absolutely perfect and I have ran I into no other issues. So if someone can respond back and let me know if these are true issues that are to be concerned about.
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    I just updated my phone to iOS 4.2.1 today and I have realized exactly the same issues as what you have mentioned about the icons jiggling 3-4 seconds etc. I noticed a possible reason to that though or rather a difference between iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 4.1.

    The difference is that for iOS 4.2.1, the icons in the folders will shift up such that you can see the bottom layer of apps in the folders. E.g. one folder icon only shows 9 apps before you select it. For iOS 4.1, before and after you jiggle the icons, it shows the top 3 layers of apps. On the other hand, for iOS 4.2.1, before you jiggle the icons, it shows the top 3 layers, but after u jiggle the icons, it shows the bottom 3 layers (if you have 4 layers in the first place). And after u press the Home button, it reverts back to show the top 3 layers again. That is what I can think of to justify the 3-4 seconds delay. As for the other issues you have raised, I have not experienced them yet and I hope I won't.

    I agree that it is helpful to show the bottom 3 layers so that we can tell which folders are empty as such we will not move apps into the full folders. However, this should not cause the 4 seconds delay. It is more frustrating to wait for 8 seconds than to wrongly move app into a full folder. This is worse for people who arrange their icons a lot (like me). I am constantly downloading and testing apps, and deleting apps which are of poor quality or low playability.

    I really hope Apple can look into this. Either to fix the 4 seconds delay both entering and exiting the 'jiggling mode' or to remove the feature of showing the bottom 3 layers of folders.