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My Apple TV (2nd Generation) is stuck at a screen showing connect USB cable to iTunes. Just like the one when you need to first setup an iPhone. The apple TV doesn't have a USB port!!!

The unit was working fine. I just kicked off the 4.1 update which downloaded and was installing. It is now stuck at this screen. I power cycled the unit and it is back at this message.

Apple TV 2, iOS 4
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    i have the same problem. The apple tv has a USB port just under the HDMI.

    i connect the apple tv via a USB cable and appears on the devices list in iTunes, but the only option is to restore the device.

    I cant connect a Tv simultaneously since I haven't got one near my iMac and the two cables (HDMI & USB) will not fit at the same time. So if there are any onscreen instruction i can't see them.

    I haven't managed to use the apple tv after the update since i can't get over the "connect to iTunes" stage.

    any advices?

    thank you.
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    I just resolved this issue listening to all the other posts regarding this issue. Thanks!

    I had a Micro USB adapter no issue there. I have so many hanging around, seems everyone but Apple provides them. But I guess Apple kept the price down by not providing it.

    But I encountered one additional issue...

    When I restored and updated the firmware from my Vista OS, at the end I received an iTunes popup error stating. The Apple TV "Apple TV" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1602).

    I looked up the error and was not very helpful. I unplugged the ATV (power and USB) Trying to go thru the restore again. The Apple TV would not get recognized. I realized the indicator light was lite solid. I took the ATV back to my TV and plugged it all in. Viola it was working once again. So although i received the error it was still restored and updated.
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    unplug the HDMI you dont need it for the restore.

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    I have the same problem. I fear it is because I applied the update before connecting to my iTunes. The problem is that the Second Generation Apple TV doesn't have a USB connection of any kind.
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    samsha1 wrote:
    The problem is that the Second Generation Apple TV doesn't have a USB connection of any kind.

    i suggest you look more carefully as it does have a USB connection.
    a micro USB port is just below the HDMI port.
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    "The problem is that the Second Generation Apple TV doesn't have a USB connection of any kind."

    Yes it does. It has a micro USB connection right below the HDMI port. You just need a micro USB cable, the same kind that comes with many cell phones so you might even have one laying around somewhere but any store that sells cables or electronics like Radio Shack or Walmart will have them.