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All, I figured I'd start one of my famous FAQ threads here to help head off some of the problems. So with that being said, lets get started.

Q: What is AirPrint?
A: AirPrint enables printing from a supported iOS 4.2 device to supported AirPrint enabled printers. Today several HP models support AirPrint.

Apple AirPrint Information and Printer list:

Apple AirPrint Support Page:

HP AirPrint Information and Printer list:

HP AirPrint Support Page:

Q: I don't have one of the supported printers, is there any other way for me to get AirPrint to work?
A: Yes, there are several third party AirPrint Sharing Solutions for the Mac (although I am not personally endorsing any of them):


Printopia for Mac

If you have a problem with a specific printer while using one of these applications, please direct the question to vendor that wrote the app.

Q: Does AirPrint work directly with any Printer?
A: No. At this time, only select models from HP work with Airprint.

Q: Can I share a printer from my Mac and print to it?
A: See the above question for the 3rd party products that enable AirPrint Sharing.

Q: Can I connect a USB printer to my AirPort BaseStation (Express, Extreme, TimeCapsule)?
A: This is not supported. See above.

Q: Can I use AirPrint with my older HP printers?
A: This is not supported by HP. See above.

Q: I have one of the supported printers that is supposed to work now, but I'm not seeing it. What's wrong?
A: Make sure you have updated to the latest firmware available. You can check in:

Tools->Web->Automatic Updates->Check for Product Updates.

Note that you may need to enable eWeb Services to see the updates.

Q: I have on of the printers that will be supported in the future (ie one of the Officejets), when will it be supported?
A: While at the moment the latest official answer is December 27th. I hope to be able to update this soon with an earlier date, but it will still be sometime in December.

Q: I have an iPhone 3G or a second gen iPod touch. I have iOS 4.2, but I am not seeing AirPrint, can you help?
A: AirPrint only shows up on iOS devices that support multitasking. While these devices have iOS 4.2 available for them, they do not support multitasking and hence do not support AirPrint.

Q: I still can't figure this out, what am I doing wrong?
A: Hopefully HP will have a support doc posted later today with pictures to help you work through the steps. I'll post a separate link to that document once its ready.

I will build on this list in this thread over time if you have questions that aren't answered here.

And while most of you from the Mac forums know this, I need to make it clear here as well: Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

Just trying to help.


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)
    Q: Where do I find the Print button?
    A: That varies by App. In the Apps Apple provides as part of the OS, it's one of the options when you press the button that looks like a little square with an arrow inside it.

    Q: What other apps support AirPrint?
    A: Well, this list is expanding every day. To give you some idea of how may apps support AirPrint today, you can find a list [here|]. That list is a little out of date today given the 50 or so Apps updated for Airprint in the past 48 hours. Here is the current list I have (and forgive me if your App isn't here):

    [✓ Paper Calc Accounting - adding machine calculator with paper tape|]
    [10 Key Calculator (calc with paper tape)| t=8]
    [Ace Tennis 2010 HD Online| 8]
    [Across Trainer|]
    [Adrenaline Golf HD Online| 8]
    [Analytics Pro|]
    [Antidote Ardoise - Dictionnaires & Guides| t=8]
    [APG WB|]
    [Architect XL|]
    [AWS Watch|]
    [Blake: Complete poems for iPad| t=8]
    [Budget Touch|]
    [CalcMadeEasy - Multipurpose Calculator and Notes with AirPrint| t=8]
    [Calculatrix Calculator - calc with Paper Tape Numeric Storage| mt=8]
    [CalPrint for iPhone Calendar Printing| t=8]
    [Card Shop|]
    [Carroll: 101 Poems for iPad| ]
    [CCH Income Tax Rates Calculator| 682?mt=8]
    [Chronic Pain Tracker Lite|]
    [Cocoto Kart HD Online|]
    [Cocoto Magic HD Online|]
    [CoPilot - Aviation Flight Planning| 94?mt=8]
    [Credit Card Terminal|]
    [Credit Card Terminal for iPad| t=8]
    [Cube Time & Expense Tracker| =8]
    [Cube Time & Expense Tracker Pro| =8]
    [DinoSmash HD Online|]
    [Doc² HD|]
    [Doodlelicious for iPad|]
    [Draft Notes|]
    [eClicker Host|]
    [Elemental (PToE)|]
    [Elements - Dropbox Powered Text Editor| =8]
    [Ewidencja Przebiegu Pojazdu| mt=8]
    [Ewidencja Przebiegu Pojazdu Lite| 8]
    [File Sharing|]
    [Files HD - Document Reader|]
    [Files² HD|]
    [Florida Guide|]
    [Folio ~ The PDF Reader|]
    [Foto Fun|]
    [GraalOnline Classic|]
    [HyperSketch (for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)| t=8]
    [HyperSketch (iPhone & iPod Touch only)| mt=8]
    [iAnnotate PDF|]
    [ICE (In Case of Emergency)| mt=8]
    [iCommunicate for iPad|]
    [In That Box|]
    [Infinote Pinboard for Todos and Notes| =8]
    [iNotes for iPad|]
    [iPocket Draw|]
    [iPronto To Do|]
    [iPronto To Do HD|]
    [iPronto To Do Lite|]
    [Live Notes|]
    [Magic Marker HD|]
    [MedPage Today Mobile|]
    [Mega Camera 1.2|]
    [Money Engine|]
    [my Super|]
    [my Tax - Comprehensive Australian Income Tax Calculator| 807525?mt=8]
    [Nebulous Notes (for Dropbox)| 8]
    [Nebulous Notes Lite|]
    [NextCalc - Calculator for iPad|]
    [Northumberland Fold Universal| 492?mt=8]
    [Office² HD|]
    [Office² Plus|]
    [OmniGraphSketcher| mt=8]
    [OnSong for iPad|]
    [Paper Calc - calculator with printer tape| t=8]
    [Paper Calc Office - calculator with printer tape| =8]
    [Paper Calc Scientific - calculator with printer tape| 7?mt=8]
    [PaperDesk for iPad|]
    [PDF Reader 4|]
    [PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad| ]
    [Photo Delight - Color Splash Your Facebook World!| =8]
    [Poker Manager for iPad|]
    [Print n Share for advanced printing| 8]
    [Print Pro|]
    [PrintCentral for iPad|]
    [PrintCentral for iPhone/iPod Touch| ]
    [Quick PDF Lite|]
    [Ring It Up HD: Invoicing POS|]
    [RonnieMo HD|]
    [Save2PDF for iPad|]
    [Shakespeare: Sonnets for iPad| =8]
    [Sheet² HD|]
    [Shuffle Nurie 1|]
    [Shuffle Nurie 1-s|]
    [Sign-N-Send Free|]
    [Study Japanese for iPad|]
    [Timewerks: Lite|]
    [Timewerks: Mobile Billing|]
    [Todo for iPad|]
    [Todo Lite|]
    [Track It!|]
    [Twittelator for iPad - Twitter Client| 8]
    [Underscore Notify|]
    [WhatVeggie - Sticker code reference|]
    [Wikipanion for iPad|]

    As you can see, there are 140 apps that already provide AirPrint support. And this list is probably out of date before I post it. For instance, I just found another (and updated the list).

    Q: My App isn't on this list, why?
    A: Because this list will be out of date within a few minutes, or because I couldn't find your App searching for Print or AirPrint. Mark your apps with AirPrint in the description and users will be able to find them easier.

    Just trying to help.

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    Thank-you very much for your informative post. Unfortunately for many of us that have Windows only Offices the print function now available in OS 4.2.1 is a none starter. I guess it was too much to ask to be able to print to any networked printer via our wireless router in our Office. Maybe this will come in time along with a simple "print button" on the ipad. We are not "Apple People", only using the iphone and now ipad. Although we are all still "wowed" by the ipad (most have 3 months or less usage) we are all disppointed in the lack of Java and Flash support (Yes we have read all the arguments for and against) but regardless of the quality found on a Mac it is still a Windows World. On a side note 75% are extremely disappointed in the orientation switch functionality change, 40% so much so that they have reverted back to 3.2.2 . But again thank-you for the wealth of info.
  • Stephen Affolter Level 1 (5 points)
    This was working before I upgraded to 4.2.1 from my windows 7 PC. The AirPrint service is running but no printers can be found now. I had it printing to an Epson and 2 Kyocera printers before the GM update
  • Barry Keel Level 2 (250 points)
    HP Mac Architect, I hope you can answer this. I know you may not be able to comment on the third party apps but I am going to ask anyway. I am the head of IT for a company and we are testing the iPad for some of our users.

    First, I tried the Airprint hack (so to speak) for the PC. I was able to get the software installed and the iPad saw the networked printers. However, they all had a lock icon by the printer names and I could not get them selected. I am sure this is a security issue, just have not had time to track it down right now. The docs for the PC Airprint alluded to giving the Guest account rights to the printer. Our network policy calls for the Guest account to be disabled for our network and is done so by Group Policy.

    So, I thought I would try one of these third party apps for the Mac on one of our Macs. Fist some network info. All Macs are bound to our Active Directory domain and all users logging into the Mac log in via a network account. Our wireless network is a 192.168.15.x subnet and our wired network is a 10.0.58.x subnet. All printers are on the wired 10.0.58.x subnet. The 2 subnets are completely open to each other via a static route with no firewall limitations. The users connect to the wireless network and authenticate via RADIUS using a certificate. iPad users connect to the wireless network the same way. The Mac with the shared printers has access to both the wireless and wired networks.

    The docs for these apps say that the iPad should see all printers connected to the Mac. This includes network printers. Does the printer have to be on the same subnet as the iPad? Can the above scenario be made to work? Any ideas on what we may do? Again, the iPad does find them when using Airprint on the PC, but are locked. The only thing I could think of is to connect a dedicated printer to the Mac and have it only on the wireless network.

    FWIW, Apple needs to do something to alleviate this issue with business users. We need network printing for the iPad and if we do not get it the iPad will be a no go for us.

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    HP MA,

    Thanks for the concise and informative post. I downloaded one of the airprint sharing solutions, cost $10, simple to install, and it works like a champ. It is increasingly rare to locate cogent posts, but yours was exceptional. Thanks for taking the time to help out the community!

  • ktm200xc Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for this extremely helpful post. I downloaded the Printopia version and instantly all the printers my MacBook can access are now available to my iPad. Unfortunately, most of us who travel will want the print feature via someone else's network (which will most likely be Windows based), so this doesn't help for where AirPrint is needed most. I remain hopeful that a more universal fix is under way.
  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)

    Let me try to answer your message as best as I can. And forgive me if I answer your questions out of order. I'm trying to keep my answers in a logical order.


    Q: Do the Printers need to be on the same subnet as the Mac for AirPrint to work?

    A1: For Everyone: Yes. AirPrint uses Bonjour to discover the printers. Bonjour is a link local only discovery method, and as such the Printer and the iOS device must be on the same subnet. Note: if you are using one of the sharing programs to share Printers, skip to the next question for more details.

    A2: For Admins only (everyone else ignore this section): Now if your company happens to have a Wide-Area Bonjour Server setup, there are ways to get discovery working beyond the local subnet, but that requires setting up and maintaining a DNS server supporting long lived mDNS queries.


    Q: If the network printer is shared from a Mac, does the Printer and iOS device need to be on the same subnet?

    A: No, if you are using one of the sharing programs on a Mac, the iOS device and the Mac MUST be on the same subnet, but the shared Printer can be anywhere that the Mac can talk to it. Since the Mac is re-sharing the printer, it appears to the iOS device to actually be the printer. If you have Printers on different subnets, but all iOS devices connect to the same subnet, putting a Mac on the same subnet that all of the iOS devices connect to in ordered to proxy to all the shared printers is a logical setup.


    Q: All of my printers show locks next to them, what's going on?

    A: At the moment, AirPrint requires Guest account rights on the printer. The lock icon lets the user know the printer is there, but they can not print to that printer. I know Apple is aware of this issue, but since I do not work for Apple I have no ideas what their plans are for addressing it, and the forum rules do no let me speculate on future products.


    Q: Advanced Setup: OK, so I've go my Mac on the same subnet as the iOS devices, and the shared printers on the other subnet are connected to the Mac, and I'm still running into a problem. Now what?

    A: Unfortunately I have no idea. You'll have to work with the support folks for one of the sharing apps above. As I don't have either of the sharing Apps, I can't to get this configured to see what will happen.


    I hope this answered your questions, and I hope was useful to others as well.

    Just trying to help.

  • igmackenzie Level 4 (2,285 points)
    A bit OT, but it's not obvious to me how certain apps are supporting Airprint.
    For example, in Office2 HD it is obvious. Open a document and there is the 'Print' icon which brings up the Airprint dialogue.
    However, in Print n Share, for example, it isn't obvious to me how Airprint is implemented. Open a document, select Print, and then the usual 'Print n Share' dialogue comes up. Where is the Airprint integration?
  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)

    With Print n Share I don't know how AirPrint is implemented. I don't have a copy to try it with. The reason it was added to the list, is they explicitly call out AirPrint support in their product description. Unless they are implementing the whole stack themselves (which I doubt), there would have to be the System Print dialog at some point in the process. If they are working around that somehow (submitting a job directly to the system), then Print Center would still come up.

    Just speculating.

  • Tania1610 Level 1 (0 points)
    If Airprint uses Bonjour to find printers why would it not fine my HP C4180? It's on a Mac newtork and works wirelessly from my iPhone and iPad using the HP Print Ap. Ideally I'd like to use Airprint but it's not seeing the printer - is there a set up option either on the network or on the iPad

    I'm not a techie but normally Apple setup is pretty intutitive and easy to follow....

    Thanks for any help you can give me
  • Richard Wessels Level 2 (240 points)
    I think part of the confusion here is the difference in technologies. AirPrint relies on another technology called ePrint. As far as I know, this tech is designed to allow you to print without needing any drivers. Instead, the device simply submits something called a UDF (similar to a PDF) directly to a drop box on the printer. The printer then sees this "document" and prints it.

    All printers, up until this point, used drivers to convert information from whatever app you are using into either PCL (printer control language) or PS (PostScript). These drivers are very complex and are updated routinely for enhancement, bug fixes, and security flaws.

    The beauty of ePrint and AirPrint is that it now eliminates this issue.

    In order for Apple to make it possible to print, directly from the iPad, to any of the HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of printer models out there right now, would require them to license the drivers from all the different manufacturers and incorporate all of that code into the iOS. This would nearly triple the size of the iOS install. Don't believe me? A recent update I saw for Mac OS X for only HP printers was over 150 MB in size. The entire iOS install is only about 500 MB.

    Is it a pain that we are in the beginning phase of a transition to a new technology? Yes... Apple knew this would be an issue and they where going to try to support using your Mac as a "print server" to service those older printers. Unfortunately, somehing came up, that they are not talking about, that prevented them from doing this.

    Maybe they will be able to do this in the future, and maybe not. We shall just have to wait and see.

    On a side note, I was able to enable the print server functionality from my Mac without having to purchase anything or even copy different files from a shady web site. All I did was create an AppleScript that created a new file that re-enables this functionality in Mac OS X 10.6.5. The directions are in another thread in this forum and they work flawlessly.

    Guess I just want people to understand that we really are talking about a new technology here and not just simply enableing wireless printing. Yeah, they could have done that, but it would have required a lot more work, a lot more space on the device, and a potential for a lot of instability in iOS.
  • rbii Level 2 (345 points)
    Bonjour allows software to find devices on the network:

    and in some cases to get some description of the device's capabilities. Bonjour doesn't allow devices to talk to each other it just provides the introduction. So, iOS can probably see your Bonjour printer and can get enough information to know that the printer does not support AirPrint communication. If the printer doesn't support AirPrint then it isn't listed in the list of printers.

    Apple has a list of printers that include AirPrint at the bottom of this page:

    and HP has the similar list here:

    The only different I see between the lists is that Apple's list doesn't include the B110 but HP has it on their list.

    I hope this helps.
  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)

    For the most part you hit the nail on the head. The one piece of clarification I would add is that AirPrint and ePrint have nothing to do with each other, they co-exist separately on the device. When HP rolled out ePrint capable printers, we needed a way to be able to update the firmware on the device to be able to add new functionality, accommodate changes to our infrastructure, and distrubte bug fixes. This firmware update capability is what allowed us to add AirPrint to the ePrint capable devices, but the two technologies have nothing to do with one another. AirPrint is an Apple technology, ePrint is an HP technology. The are completely different technologies.

    Just trying to clarify.


    Just trying to clarify.

  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)

    rbii is right, Bonjour lets you iPad find your Printer, but unless your Printer says it supports AirPrint (and your C41080 does not), the iPad will not show it in its list of printers. Bonjour is simply how devices find one another.

    Just trying to help.

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