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Kay Marczoch Level 7 (21,685 points)
What you might want to try (I found that on a German Blog some hours ago):

From *System Preferences* remove existing printer(s)

launch AppleScript editor
cut&paste the following 2 lines:

*do shell script "echo '# enable AirPrint*

*image/urf urf (0,UNIRAST<00>)' > /usr/share/cups/mime/airprint.types" with administrator privileges*

run that script and enter your admin pw

This will create text-file @ /usr/share/cups/mime/ that will (should) re-enable AirPrint support again (at least on the current build of OS X 10.6.5 10H574), which can easily be removed.


add printer(s) again + share them through *System Preferences*

Keep in mind that this patched MAC (OS X 10.6.5 Build 10H574) must be up and running in order to use AirPrint!

It works for me, but if it doesn't work for you for whatever reasons: *failure is always an option!*

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