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    This did it for me, but some apps do not support "HDMI output from this devise"  I will try component and see if that works.

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    Mar 12, 2012 9:32 PM

    I have a problem, I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 5.1 three days ago and since then I'm not able to AirPlay movies and other applications to my apple tv 2nd gen. Which is also updated to the latest iOS. When I try to AirPlay only audio works with no video, I can see the video on my iPad 2 and hear audio on my apple tv!!

    Only YouTube airplays fully in audio and video !!


    Anther problem that started with the new iOS update is "I messaging" is not working too, I keep getting the message to check my network and it's not connected but I'm connected to my wifi at home


    I have an account in the us store and us ID too, and I reside in Dubai, UAE


    I tried every thing I know like resetting my iPad 2, rebooting, resetting to factory setting, etc but with no use!!


    Can anyone please help me


    Thank you all


    Mohamed Arafat


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    iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1

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    If you updated your iPad with a new ISO, you did something wrong. I assume you used the IPSW.


    Apple's Applications will AirPlay just fine, however other applications sometimes don't work this way. Use Quick App Switching (commonly referred to as Multitasking, although that is just the feature's name and not the actual menu) and swipe from the left to the right on the menu to reveal some useful settings. Tap the AirPlay button (it looks like an arrow pointing into a hollow rectangle) and select the Apple TV. This will only work if AirPlay is enabled on the Apple TV, and both devices are on the same Wireless Network which allows communication between devices like that. (Most home networks do, I've only had a problem with this on a corporate network) If the image still doesn't display, but still the audio, a first-generation iPad is out of luck. If you have the second or third generations, (iPad 2 or the new iPad) you can toggle the Mirroring switch at the bottom of the AirPlay menu I directed you to earlier. This will show everything on your iPad's screen on the Apple TV.


    One last thing: If you purchase an adapter -- either VGA or HDMI -- to dock connector, you can just wire it to the TV or monitor and use it that way. This works on all iPad models, and all iPhones back to the 3GS I believe, (and iPod Touch, back to third generation I think) and can be used for AirPlay and for AirPlay Mirroring. Again, this may not work to display video from a first-generation iPad or any iPhone other than the 4S, since Mirroring may be needed still.

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    Dude.. Am having similar problem.. I converted my movies which it plays well on my ipad but when i try streaming it to my Apple TV, its jst buffering (loading) but no picture or sound.. Funny thing is, if i fast forward the movie on my ipad, a picture will show on the tv but it still wont play..


    I need help because am about to send this Apple TV back and get a refund man...

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    We posted some general tips on Apple TV as well as a short video at the very bottom of this page

    Apple TV


    Per Apple policy we want you to know we might benefit from your visit to our free information or even profit.

    We hope you find the tips or video useful.

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    The HBO Go app does not allow streaming of its content.


    From the app: Help->Technical Questions-> Can I connect my mobile device to my tv and watch HBO Go?

    No, currently, an external connection from a mobile device to a TV is not supported. We hope to offer this capability in the future.

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    That question was posted almost a year ago and has been answered...

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    I to have this problem, after purchasing the latest apple tv I thought I'd now try downloading movies from iTunes on my pad to stream to my apple tv, the movie I baught will only play the sound through the apple tv : (

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    I to am having this same problem and find it so annoying. I have searched online and can find nothing to help the issue of airplay not working correctly. For example, bought movie directly from Itunes, movie on ipad, try to airplay to apptv and only sound comes through no video. What is the fix. Everything is up to date, ipad , apptv2 and still no resolve.

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