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I am currently the owner of a 2-year old 15" MBP. After having read the reviews from some online journalists, I am seriously considering "downsizing" to an Air, primarily for portability. I have been musing out loud, and thought I'd see what other folks have to say. I'm going to put a lot of info down here and it might seem overkill, but this is almost as much for my own thought process as to get feedback on the big question:

Is the Air for me?

I played around with an Air at the Apple Store, and thought it was fast, but I sometimes wonder if they are optimized in some way to permit that.

Either way, I was looking at my MBP the other day and realized:
-I have only used the CD/DVD burner maybe twice... about once a year
-I only used FireWire once... to transfer my files from my old MBP to this one
-I have never used the Audio-in port
-I rarely use ethernet

I do
-Use a big external monitor with my MBP
-Use time machine for back-up as well as plug into some other external HDDs and Printers via USB
-Use a MagicMouse and external keyboard

I am an educational administrator, so I am often running from one meeting to the next. I have been trying to use my iPad for that, and while I love my iPad it really wasn't designed to do everything I need to do on it.

I use the following programs a lot (daily):
-Mail/iCal/Address Book
-iTunes (movies and music)

I use the following occasionally: (weekly)
-Keynote and Numbers

I am also running the following extensions:
-XMarks for Safari
-Pastebot sync
-Better Touch Tool
-Spanning Sync
and a few others. The point is... I have A LOT going on in the background.

If I upgrade, I will get a fully loaded Air with an external superdrive for those twice-a-year burns.

So.... Any thoughts? Will the Air meet my needs?

Thanks in advance.

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MBP 2.4 Core2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    As long as you are not using the Air for "heavy application" like photoshop or unigraphics, it should be fine. I have look through your "list" and in fact, with 4GB of RAM and 2.13Hz of processor, the Air can handle these as "a piece of cake".

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    I think you're a perfect use case for the Air. I run more in the background than you and primarily use the machine to develop in Xcode and Parallels running Visual Studio (not simultaneously with XCode), writing documents and presentations, and will occasionally pop into Photoshop for some quick edits.
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    I think you will be VERY pleased with the MBA. I had the same MBP as you, and I find the MBA seems faster due to the SSD. It has been a good "upgrade" from my MBP in every way. I haven't found a single compromise, and agree with the TV ads that these really are the "next generation of MacBooks".