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Greetings. Read through some similar threads, but couldn't completely locate the info I'm looking for...

Trying to connect my MBP to my Samsung TV. Will my MBP support the audio and video ouput to the TV through a MiniDiplayPort to DVI to HDMI (TV) connection or do I need seperate audio cables? Is there a better connection I should use or that is recommended other than what I mentioned?

Purchased MBP in June 2010.

Taking my MBP on the road for Thanksgiving and want to hook it up to a TV to share some pics/vids.


MacBook Pro 2.66ghz i7, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    This is probably coming a bit late seeing as it is after thanksgiving. If your MBP is a mid-2010 as the purchase date would indicate you should get a mini display port to HDMI adapter and that will support sound. Going to DVI will not and you would need extra audio cables.
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    Your i7 MBP outputs video and audio through its Mini-Displayport, so you can expect that a suitable Mini-Displayport-to-HDMI adapter (one that carries audio — many don't) should work for your purposes. Going through a DVI adapter will strip out the audio signal (DVI doesn't carry audio), so don't do that. You don't need any separate audio cables unless you decide to go ahead and use the DVI adapter.

    Moshi and Griffin both make MDP-HDMI adapters that carry audio. There are probably others as well by now, but those are the two I know of.
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    i am trying to connect my MacBook Pro yo my samsung television via a mini display port to HDMI Adapter, to watch itunes movies, tv shows, etc. Its plugged into my tv and computer. The t.v reads that its there but won't show the movies being played or my actual back round, or my dock etc...However it show the displays resolutions on the t.v. What do I do?
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    This is one of the few adapters that does carry sound through: <http://estore.circuitassembly.com/products/Mini-Displayport-to-HDMI-Adapter.ht ml>