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Can anyone help me please. I have updated my IPAD to IS04 yesterday and using it tonight it has just crashed on me? The whole IPAD is off, cant power up and its not out of charge but wont charge anyway. Can anyone help please?

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    Did you try holding the sleep/power button and the home button in at the same time until the logo appears?
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    Thanks Ralph, I didnt know I had to do that! Are you able to tell me why it happened?
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    +Are you able to tell me why it happened?+

    Not really, not sure exactly what you were doing when it locked up on you. Something you did may have overloaded the cpu and caused it to react that way.

    With most computing devices, the iPad is technically not a computer but sure has power, actions that over tax the cpu or cause a kernel panic in the operating system can result in the system putting itself into a deep sleep as a form of protection.

    That's the long way of saying I just don't know for sure
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    I've had 2 crashes on my 4.2.1 iPad since installing. I end up seeing the Apple logo with the spinner icon superimposed over top. Hard reset (as above) required to get things moving again.
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    Hi I had the crash issue with the new software download - Push Sleep/Home buttons together and it went thru full restore - also had to re-load all teh apps! Painful. Apple dont acknowledge the probelms their software causes do they?