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I am a fairly new macbook user. I have the new macbook (white) and use keynote and powerpoint a lot for my presentations.

1) ON my Dell, I toggle the screens using function F3http://discussions.apple.com/questions.jspa to toggle between what I can see on my laptop and on the lcd projector screen. I do this sometimes as I need to work on my laptop in the midst of my presentation and I do not want the audience to see me messing with my desktop.

How do I achieve the same effect on my MacBook without having to pull out the projector cable?

2) On my non-Mac laptop when using powerpoint, in presentation mode, I can click on letter "B" in my keyboard and the whole screen on the LCD projector screen will go black "W" and it will turn white. Does the MacBook has the same feature?

Thank you.


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macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    1. With your projector operating in Extended Desktop mode, your presentation and the contents of your MBP screen are completely separate. You can do anything you like on the MBP's screen and your audience will see none of it. No need to toggle anything during the presentation.

    2. I don't understand your second question, because "the whole screen on the LCD projector screen will go black "W" and it will turn white" makes no sense.
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    Thanks for your insights.

    As for item 2), what I meant was when you're in PowertPoint slide show in the PC and hook to the projector, when you press the key "B", your projector will go blank (blackout). It's a feature that I've not been able to do on the Mac.