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    I am adding my voice to the frustration expressed by everyone above.  I have thousands of nexted e-mail folders.  I would love to be able to file and/or access them when I am out of the office. That is not possible on my iPhone when the e-mail folders are completely expanded.  The only thing holding me back from buying an iPad is this issue--I am not sure it is worth it if I can't do that much more with all the bigger screen.


    It does smack of Apple complacency that they have not solved this simple issue.

  • amesgardner3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    FReaking ridiculous. Come on Apple - get real.

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    It is things like this that turn off users. We are a business shop with around 35 iPhone users. Allmost all users have complained about the lack of this feature and the poor quality of the mail app in general. In business your time is limited so you can't waste it with the tools that are suposed to help you to conduct business. The shortcommings of the mail app in iOS don't just come down to not be able to collapse folders. You have also the totally incredible stupid decision to not offer a way to attach an item (any) to an email once you started to type the email. For those who say that you ought to think first about what to attach and then go into typing I say, you never did real work. Think of when you reply to a message: you hit reply and then attach and write o viceversa. Or what if you need to attach two items of different formats? For example a picture and a document; it is a freaking pain. I laugh everytime I hear the "iPhone is business ready" sales pitch.


    We are close to our next hardware upgrade (in the summer) with our wireless provider and I have a list of 16 users who want to change to the Android platform. Their decision in all cases is based mostly in two facts: the mail app really socks (I know it spells with a "u" but the post engine blocks the word)  and I can't use the iPhone as a portable HDD where I can browse a folder and tap on a file and the right app opens. No, you can't do that in the iPhone; you have to open the app associated with the type of file and then open the file, not to mention that you can't just drag and drop a whack of files to the iPhone and browse them later; why? There are so many things that can be done with this amazing hardware but the super-designers at Apple have decided for us and cripple the software to make it dumb enough for the masses; if you don't have a clue about what I'm talking about go and browse the iPhone jailbreak comunities and you will realize how many years ahead these gyus are with the capabilities of their software.


    If Apple continues to ignore their users requests and obtusely keeps imposing their way to do things because they don't want the users to morph and spoil their pre-fabricated and beautiful model of doing things, I forecast a very successful future for other smart phone OS.



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    RICO..... what an excellent post and I could not agree more. The iPhone can do some great things but "ready for business" erh I don't think so ... I too am tired of having to jump through hoops to do simple tasks, like you say emailing a photo and a PDF price list is impossible without good reader or something similar It's Mad! You can't add folders in mail and have them replicate across devices .... 90% of what I do is email and tha mail app is like stepping back 15 years


    I have to have about 20 various PDF price lists with me why can't I just have them on the device and get tothem without 3rd  party apps... There's a need for apps  sure but for basics? No just build in the functionality


    I am excited about windows 8 and what that brings when my contracts up I will be moving unless they sort it as will my employees


    Take note Apple pull your finger out and listen to your customers

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    Agree on all above. How do we submitt a request to get this changed?  Ie does apple know the frustration this is causing?

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    @ Chap Sheffield and Dark$tar

    Thanks for sharing my frustration. Regarding the question on how we submit a request to Apple to get this changed, I though this forum was the way. To add to your pain, the request to fix the mail app has been on this forums from day one the iOS was released; it is the app most users has complained about and contunue to complain and still we have no positive response from Apple.


    @ Chap Sheffield - As for other options regarding Windows 8, I don't know how MS will roll out that up and if it is going to be good or not. The feature I'm most excited about in the wireless handsets world is the one coming from Canonical, see here:


    If this feature comes to Android phones on my carrier of choice I will drop the iPhone in no time. Can you imagine, a smart phone that behaves like a full desktop computer when docked with access to all your apps. And when is time to hit the road it goes back to being a smart phone again. Wow! that means laptop freedom! No more hanging around with a clunker. Docking station at home, same at work and life is good!


    I'm already doing my part as a business client to push our carrier in adopting this feature.


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    I suggest using Apple's iPhone feedback form to request that this feature be added.  Here's a link:


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    @Ricotovi - Yup I know glad to see they are listening to their customers......Well this one has had enough My Asus Prime Tablet was delivered yesterday. Plan is to get to grips with Android see how I like it and if any good I will move my entire workforce away from iPads and iPhones


    Being honest there's a couple of things I'm not keen on but regarding the folders in email its perfect on the Android, plus you can create folders on the fly. Will continue to evaluate the Android system


    The link you posted is very interesting lots of competition for Apple they need to pull their socks up :-)

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    Same problem in their iPads.  Ridiculous.

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    Have just become an Apple user after 2 years with a Blackberry. Have had the phone for 3 days and am wishing I'd gone the Windows route instead. Just cannot believe that Apple can't nest folders and I have to look through all my folders every time - this really is crap. And when I scroll down and see how long issue has been around.........? I planned to add an Ipad and have all three devices (inc desktop) using Icloud.

    Who wants a secondhand Iphone?

  • Chap Sheffield Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Latest IOS update installed this morning and guess what "No nesting of folders" what a joke seriously pathetic Apple.


    My Assus with Android came about 10 days ago and it is quite interesting, there are lots of things I like about it especially on the email side of things. Certainly nested folders is great and attaching to emails is a breeze. I would say its a little more quirky using an Android Tablet and I think the secret is after coming from an iPad is not to try and make the change all in one go I have been doing it gradually over the last several days.


    Its a real shame I am having to make this change and I have to be honest the IOS software is more polished but the nested folders / email / attachments issues are simply killing users. I have a number of employees that once I have mastered the Android I will be forcing away from Ipad


    Shame really....

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    You should all download a free app called "Emailganizer" - it may take some finagling in your settings, and it may need to replace your  iPhone mail app  but it is exactly what you need and will make you love your iPhone again.

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         I am in the same boat. I have just abandoned a Blackberry and bought an iPhone and was very dissappointed when I saw how my email folder structure that sits on an Exchange Server transferred to the iPhone. There is no doubt that the iPone is a superb tool in so many ways. But, the absence of collapsible email folders is a deal breaker for me.

         I guess I was talking to the wrong people when evaluating an alternative to my Blackberry. My life, as an engineer, is organised around mulitple projects with multiple subfolders. My email structure has to reflect my filing system in order for me to work efficiently.

         I add my voice to those requesting an implentation of collapsible email folders.

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    Did it yesterday, thanks very much for the advice!


    If anyone else is going for this then it's best to pay the £2.99 for the paid app as ugrading from the free one means a complete new install.


    It does the trick, and makes me wonder why Apple insist on their folders being expanded? Anyone any ideas about the rationale?


    But this app does result in me keeping my iphone and probably ordering a new ipad.

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    Did you install e-mail organizer on iPhone or on iPad?  If not iPad, do you know of anyone who has done that?

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