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  • ubarrow Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    On an iphone. I would imagine that it's just the same on an ipad.

  • amesgardner3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Agreed. Would like some feedback in an iPad install of "Emailganizer". Anyone?

  • Sascha from Verdugo Woodlands Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually it is exactly the same on an iPad.

    In other words: there is no iPad version!


    How does this make sense, or am I just blind?

  • UVa79 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The reason I asked the question was that i was considering buying an iPad, but have been hesitant to spend the money unless I could solve the nested folder problem.  I wanted to see if anyone had actually installed the version on an iPad.  While thinks "ought to be exactly the same" I am always cautious about how it might actually work in practice as well as theory.


    I ended up buying a copy of the emailganizer pro.  I have not installed it yet.  I have (again) been cautious as it pulls e-mails in from the exchange server.  I have tens of thousands of e-mails (hundreds of thousands if I include the archived e-mails), and I was concerned that I would swamp my iPhone, even at 64 gigs.


    I e-mailed the support team at GoodHumans solutions, the creator of emailganizer., and they responded pretty quickly that there were ways to limit how many e-mails would be downloaded during the install process.


    I have not installed it yet.  It will still take several hours to do, given the volume of e-mail, and I will am cautious.  I will post when I do.

  • amesgardner3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just recieved work back from them.  It will not run properly.  They hope to have an iPad version by the end of the year.... see his quote


    "Thanks for finding eMailGanizer and for sending this inquiry.


    You can use any iPhone app on your iPad, but it will either be smaller than the entire screen, or it can be run in '2x' mode and it will be a little blurry.


    Unfortunately, we do not have a version of eMailGanizer that is specifically designed for the iPad. We hope to release a separate iPad app before the end of the year.





  • ubarrow Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It would be interesting if someone with an ipad was to try this out. I could probably live with the folders being a little blurry as long as the messages were presented properly.

    I've been using this (on an iphone) for a week now and so far it's all good

  • amesgardner3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree.  My only concern is how deeply rooted this app goes.  You install it and then it doesn work as you hoped; will the unistall mess things up.


    Also on the iPhone app; does it completely bypass the naitve apple exchange client for filing only?  Or do you read, reply, and forward using emailganizer pro?


    We are going to possibly going to iPhone for work; so any feed back on how it works would be sweet!

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    I don't think it's all that "deep rooted"

    My server is the apple IMAP server on icloud and this holds all my email, in boxes, folder structure etc. I think that emailganizer is just the interface for this

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    Hi All


    Well am I glad I am able to write this review....


    90% of what i do on the iPad is email related and lets face it the built in email is seriously basic in fact so much so for me 2 weeks ago I bought an android tablet but, typically Emailganizer appears and throws a big spanner in the works.


    iPad mail problems, = Nested folders, unable to create folders, unable to delete folders, can't flag messages, can't easily fie messages without endless scrolling of folders, you cannot download all your emails, you cannot create tasks or appointments with it,  mark messages read unread, searching messages a pain...


    Now with Emailganizer you can take that list of issues and bin the lot What an app!!!!!!


    It does the lot with ease its brilliant and here's some other info for you:


    I use Zimbra exchange server so if anyone else does FYI it works great


    When you install it I had 2500 messages and about 320 folders it took about 1 1/4 hours to sync everything up...


    I notice people asking about it being "deep rooted"  don't worry about that I installed it on an old iPhone 3 and uninstalled leaving my original mail account set up on the phone and there was no problem. Yeah it takes space up having all your emails on the phone / pad but so what for me that's most important


    In regards to iPad I've installed it on Ipad2 and it works fine I run it in x2 mode and it's more than adequate


    By the way don't uninstall your iPad / iPhone mail set up just leave it on it does no harm


    I am struggling to find any negatives but I would love to be able to attach files from within the email app


    Final comment Apple get a grip and buy this company this app turns the iPad into a serious email / business tool !!!!

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    I know what you mean Paul.


    Mech Eng in Oil/Gas Industry. My IT Support said the Iphone is great. I asked for Droid as I like the idea of a phone/usb drive for all my improtant project docs. Reason was that he was having problems configuring exchange with the Droids. Dont know why.


    This phone is a pain to use for business, ok if your a teen that want to facebook but even then I think a Droid is better. I think it might be a time to suggest a preformace review for our IT Support person cos hes the only one that seems to have a problem with Exchange.


    Apple if I where to ignore what my customers are saying / requesting. Eventualy I would not need to supply nothing to them cos they would stop ordering. Even If I where to supply a item with the sightest change in material specs thats equvalant or better in what was requested I will hear about it and have to justify the deviation. Need to listen to what the people want, thats how you improve a product.


    Fix this please people where complaining since IOS1 from the looks of it on the net. Make it a USB HDD. We dont care for CrapTunes.

  • Andoman Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I can't believe Apple still hasn't fixed this. Not being able to keep folders nested is a big issue for anyone with more than 20 folders... It really kills productivity having to browse through hundreds of expanded folders.

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    I'm incredibly disappointed by this inability of IOS to collapse nested folders. I've been using an iPhone since the first version, and this has always really, really frustrated me. I'm actually considering getting a windows 7.5 phone because my company uses sharepoint and exchange exclusively. I'll probably phase out all of my Mac products in favor of windows, and this issue with nested folders is at the top of my list as to the reasons why. Get with the program, apple. Business people need this functionality!

  • Chap Sheffield Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Orange


    This has gone on for years  and I was hoping from yesterday's conference that they would announce this would be sorted but alas not. It appears that the best you are going to get is a "VIP Folder" what a joke and they try and promote this as a business tool ! One thing however it appears with IOS 6 you will be able to do is attach videos or pictures straight from an e-mail (whether they stretch this to be able to add mixed files such as JPEG and PDF we will have to wait and see) To me it just appears Apple no longer listen to their customers and many people think they can do no wrong but just look at the sales of the Galaxy 3 what is it over 10 million ? Despite desperately wanting to stick with Apple due to the simple fact you cannot perform standard business tasks with e-mail such as sending files and moving emails to different folders etc  I changed my tablet about 3 months back and its working great for me. Not quite as slick and smooth as the iPad but I can live with that due to the functionality of the software. My contract is up on my iPhone 4 S early next year and if they have not sorted the problems by then well myself and all of my staff will be moving to Android ... WAKE UP APPLE and listen to your customers !

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    Would like to add my support to this campaign. Really silly to be unable to collapse or sort mail folders. I thought this was a business tool.

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    I have everything Apple EXCEPT an iPhone (iPad, Macs, Apple TV, iPods). Why dont i have an iPhone? I am a heavy email user and have lots of folders. I still have a Blackberry because it allows me to search and access file folders. Come on Apple...get it together. Im eligible for an update in October, let's see this feature on the iPhone 5!