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My MacBook Pro 13" (Mac OS X 10.6.5) is performing well. However, I sometimes get the feeling that it's performance speed is not what I would expect from a laptop with such specifications (Processor 2.66 GHz, Memory 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3). Is there a way to test if my computer is performing at its best?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 2.6 G
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    "...I sometimes get the feeling that it's performance speed is not what I would expect from a laptop with such specifications..."

    What evidence leads you to these feelings?
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    When I start up my computer it takes sometime for the wall paper to appear, and then the icons on the desktop start to appear one by one. When I open the dash board the widgets appear incomplete, and it takes a couple of seconds for them to appear normal. When I click on a file that requires a certain application to launch (e.g. word or excel file) I feel that it takes more than my old Toshiba to achieve that. That's why I wanted to be objective and ask if there was a way (e.g. an application or a test) to check if my computer was running properly.
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    How much free space is on your hard drive? How many icons and files are on your desktop? (Not icons in the dock).
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    126 GB, and 29 respectively.
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    Your desk top should be neater. Try filing away those icons into folders and then into your home folder. That should help the booting process a bit. Then try booting into Safe mode. Hold down the shift key when booting up and release it when you see the spinning cog. It takes a while for the Mac to boot up so be very patient. When it does run Repair Permissions from Disk Utility. Then empty the trash if full and then reboot.
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    As sig notes, 29 items on your desktop is excessive. The desktop is always present, even when the Finder is hidden, and each desktop icon is managed internally as a separate window, each of which requires some processor time to keep drawn. Clean that up a bit.

    Also, for more speed improvement tips, see the [Mac OS X speed FAQ|http://www.index-site.com/Macosxspeed.html].