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Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could help clarify something for me. I have an Astro Gaming A30 Audio System that I use when playing my PS3. It's a gaming headset with pinpoint-accurate 7.1 Dolby and Dolby Headphone surround sound. Here's a link to the web page if you want to know more about it - http://www.astrogaming.com/products/detail/80/A30-Audio-System/.

Now, at the moment I have the PS3 connected directly to the A30 Audio System with a digital optical cable. In the PS3 settings, I have it set to output Dolby Digital 5.1 as this is the format that the A30 Audio System uses. This setting is important because it's what gives me the surround sound in my headphones. Ok, we're almost at my question...

Recently, I've been thinking of buying a capture card so I can record my game plays and upload them to YouTube. The capture card that I'm thinking of getting is the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro. Here's a link to the web page - http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/intensity/.

My question is - since there is no output on the A30 Audio System, and therefore no way to route the sound into my Mac from it, I need to first send the sound from the PS3 into the Mac (for recording) and then re-send the sound from the Mac into the Astro A30s (for listening). If I do this, will I lose the Dolby Digital format that was originally output from the PS3? I don't mind recording the audio in stereo, but it's essential that the Dolby Digital sound goes to the Astro A30s. Otherwise I won't have proper surround sound. And if you went to the website, you would have noticed that they're pretty expensive. So playing in surround sound is very important to me, as I paid top dollar for them.

Anyway, if you can clarify that for me it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.



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