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  • Mark Hollingsworth Level 1 (10 points)
    This is a major hassle.
    I'm supposed to bring a powered hub along now too?

    I used a micro SD with a reader on the old OS with no issues, not it won't work.
    It also won't work connected to the camera (same message, too much power).

    I have used a card reader I have with CF, but a buddy with an identical one - it won't work.

    I think Apple needs to fix this. What point it limiting the power anyway? So what if the battery goes down faster- it goes down faster with wifi turned on too, will they take that away also?

    Stupid decision I say. Warn the battery will be depleted quicker? Sure no problem. But let us use the darn thing.
  • SeanMcFoto Level 1 (0 points)
    Typically Apple likes to think users are children that should have all decisions removed from them. Viewing images in the field from a DSLR without wasting camera battery is no longer an option. As this was one of the prime reasons for using the device, I think I'll be reverting to an older OS. Much as I like the iPad, I also like tools that work.
  • Mark Hollingsworth Level 1 (10 points)
    maybe this isn't the place for this question, but...

    Is there a place at Apple that a person can make requests, suggestions, complaints on the current OS?

    If enough people complain they may change. If nobody does, they certainly will not.

    (always a hope anyway).
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 (23,825 points)
    Mark Hollingsworth wrote:
    maybe this isn't the place for this question, but...

    Is there a place at Apple that a person can make requests, suggestions, complaints on the current OS?

    If enough people complain they may change. If nobody does, they certainly will not.

    (always a hope anyway).

    Yes, of course.


    If you wish to raise issues with or suggest changes to Apple, then you need to talk to them directly. These forums, strictly user-user and for technical support issues, are not an avenue for that. Use the feedback forms set up for the various hardware and software packages:

    Feedback area of Apple Support:
    iPad Feedback Form:
  • twtoivon Level 1 (0 points)
    Michael Morgan1 wrote:
    Mark Hollingsworth wrote:
    If enough people complain they may change.

    iPad Feedback Form:

    Just sent Apple my 2 cents, anyone reading this thread please report your concerns to Apple.
  • chantellefromSoHo Level 1 (0 points)

    Have you tried having your camera in play mode when connected to the iPad?

  • chantellefromSoHo Level 1 (0 points)

    Try having your compact flash player in play mode.

  • sokol3k Level 1 (0 points)

    Michael YOU ARE A GENIUS!


    Thank so much. It works with me. I used a A A usb Cable connected it to Camera Connection Kit and Then I connected a 4 USB hub to the cable and then I connected a usb flash drive 70mA power input and it works!


    Thanks I hope this message will help you guys!

  • blue5417 Level 1 (0 points)

    it worked with workaround by using additional USB hub. Apple should spells out this requirement for Camera Connection Kit. I think this is a rip-off by forcing user to workaround for their product. If Apple doesn't figure out how to make USB work easily and properly, their competitors will.

  • greengreengrass Level 1 (0 points)

    For me it'll work only if I slowly and gently push in my USB stick. If I abruptly push it into the USB receptacle in the connection kit then then I'll see the "that thing requires too much power" message.  My hypotheses is that this is due to contact bounce:

  • anatolyfrommoscow Level 1 (0 points)

    Pls, stop juggling the facts and replace the subject of conversation.


    We're not talking about "if iPad was ever meant to be used to power external devices".

    It is not the point of conversation.

    The point is "if it did support my card reader, then what the **** it doesn't do this today? "


    I could not find proper realistic adequate answer to this question.


    I can see you're serious person here having thousands of points, and I understand you are, like anyone, want to survive, to eat, to consume, and struggle for more.

    But when doing this, please don't loose the adequateness of the reality perception.


    I always treated Apple products as the most adequate, as "those who really feels and understand what end-users really need".


    I'm a photographer, and I take hundreds of photos per session and I know 90% of them are crap, and it takes efforts to scroll through all of them and kill those crappy ones.
    And the MAJOR REASON I bought iPad was the convenience with which I could manage my photo-sessions, uploading photos to iPad easy and fast and delete wrong photos on the go.

    ON THE GO are key-words here.

    In the traffic I just plugged Camera Connection kit and inserted MemoryStick with a tiny reader.


    Now, I gotta go back to Stone Age and hassle around with Camera turned on, USB-cable between iPad and Camera, and iPad in my hands.


    Apple made "one hand solution" into "two hands solution"


    Human has only 2 hands, please note... then none of hands are left free.


    With new firmware on my iPad - the device became useless piece of metal&glass&plastic.

    I can use it as a hammer to stick nails into the walls in my apartment.


    Disappointed completely.


    Dear Apple, please DON'T become a SONY...

  • bfromsydney Level 1 (0 points)

    Agree with you Anatoly,


    I have been reading comments for the past 3 years and one thing I come to realise is that no matter what apple does, the followers will not debate it, they will just compromise with it knowing the devices have gaps, but they will bash all non-apple devices for missing out on this and that.


    I believe apple has become more like a "cult" device rather than what it offers, so if you are an apple fan, no matter what apple throws at you, you will take it. I am surprised no one debates the rediculous price tags apple devices has, when we know they are made.


    No flash, no external memory, no access for usb, no DLNA. Changes to hardware or software without the knowldege of the consumers. This "arrogance" and "controlled" behaviour on apple's behalf where they do not listen to what a consumer wants & then make you pay for every little thing (and pay way more comparing to andriod) is so much tolarated, it's amazing, which proves the point above about cult following. There is a Futurama episode on it as well (worth watching)


    I am glad samsung is stepping to Apple and they are winning systimatically, no one would like to see Apple becomes Sony or Microsoft. I am sure Apple does know that the forces are building up and andriod is catching up, the changes to devices need to come NOW, Sure, the devices are shiny but a serious user will pay less attention to shine and more to what the device has to offer.


    It's not the hate for apple, it's the frustration one feels when millions know what they want yet it's not delivered and the company does not adress the issues properly.

  • timothy76 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ugh. I bought my iPad 2 last week to use in conjunction with a dslr in Africa next month. I bought it ONLY after the sales person convinced me that not having a card reader or USB port was NOT a problem because I could PURCHASE the camera attachment.


    I just tried it and got the &@$/$:&;$;& too much power Message.  This iPad 2 îs NOT a serious working tool for people who need it to DO work in te field.


    I expected more from Apple and their sales staff.


    Anyone have a suggestion for an alternative tablet that's useful for a photographer in the field?

  • Giddoni Level 1 (0 points)

    So I ran into the same issue using a Sandisk Card Reader. I tried one that I have made by Targus and it worked.

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