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like the title says

HP, Windows 7
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    Did you authorize/sign in to itunes on the computer?
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    yes i did, that's why it's so weird. It doesn't sync songs to my computer that i purchased while ago, only recent ones. Are there any other way to get purchased songs off the ipod touch so i could update my ipod OS with out losing them?
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    I assume by "purchased" you mean via iTunes? Are any of these songs DRM protected? If so, were they purchased from Apple with the same ID that you are using now? My point is, older iTune music purchases were DRM protected and tied to a specific Apple ID.
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    yes, all my songs were purchased from iTunes, i know songs outside iTunes can't be transferred but songs bough with iTunes should be able to transfer. And yes im using same account. This is why my situation is so weird
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    Open itunes a take a look at one of the songs that won't transfer. Right-click > Get Info and look at the Summary tab.
    Is there any tiny difference between "Purchased By" or "Account Name" for a song that WILL transfer?

    I notice that all my older songs from 2004 up until prior to 7 Sept 2010 (and my upgrading to itunes v10) have the same Purchased By, which is my entire first & last name. Songs purchased after Sept 7, it is the display name I put into Ping. I just wonder if this is causing a problem.

    Somebody else found that it was the difference between an upper case letter and lower case letter in their email, in the Account Name, and they had to contact itunes support to get it fixed. Just google "contact itunes support".
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    i cant see any "purchased by" or "Account name" section on song summary.
    and i would've contacted apple e-mail support if i found it but google and apple brings me here http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ and i cant find any e-mail contacting information.
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    See the 2nd and 3rd screenshost from this article? They are not showing the Purchased By, either. So it is not an itunes purchased song.

    I guess google is different in FInland.

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    thank you for helping me, i tried to contact apple support and they said that that problem is byond their knowledge and send me few links which "could" help me but i've gone all those links before even posting this thread. Last option would be call apple support which is not free.
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    i cant see any "purchased by" or "Account name" section on song summary.

    If so, then as Katrina mentioned, it is not an iTunes purchased song and contacting iTunes will be of no use.
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    Try it this way. Make a smart playlist
    Kind contains purchased
    Live updating

    Does anything show up?

    How about if you change that smart playlist to
    Kind contains protected

    If nothing shows up in those smart playlists, then you do not have any itunes purchases in your itunes library.
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    The only thing I can think of is to burn the tracks, If you have another PC, or a friend will let you borrow there's with a burner, you can authorize his pc to play your music, and then burn them from there.Or you can try some third-party transfer software.

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    i contacted support and they couldn't do anything about it and said that i should call the technical support, im gonna try that and see if i can get my songs into my computer so i could update my ipod.
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    i just noticed that my old songs that i have bough dont have the buyer's name, My recently bough has. How is that possible?