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Snoopy Dad Level 1 (0 points)
How do I monitor my child's text messaging on her 3GS phone? Does Apple have any downloads for this? There are products out there like Mobile Spy but loading it requires that I jail break her phone. Apple has to know that there are millions of kids out there using these phones and child safety is a big concern, especially for the parents.

Iphone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 (2,910 points)
    They kind of assume that if the person is old enough to have the phone then the parents are okay with all that it entails. There are Parental control locks but they only go as far as to limit changes made. You can't record what they say on the phone so texts are not much different .

    If you can't trust them, then don't give them the phone...... IMO.

    But its your child so its entirely up to you of course.

    Its a very emotive subject on the Forum with some parents insisting Apple do their job for them (my side of the argument) and others (for balance sakes) who want Apple to provide the facilities (to do their job - my views again).

    Either way, it isn't there and not likely to be.... IMO
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    Snoopy Dad wrote:
    How do I monitor my child's text messaging on her 3GS phone?

    It's not possible without jailbreaking the device.
    That being said, you can always call AT&T and have them block texting on the line.

    If you really do not trust your child (and that is what this boils down to), either block texting or take the iPhone away from them.
  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)
    What it must be to be a family who doesn't trust one another and respect each others privacy.

    If you are a Snoopy Dad surely you'd have no problem snooping on her text messages while she is asleep, in another room, using the bathroom.

    You could always pretend you are addicted to Angry Birds if she catches you snooping.