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I dropped it from about 3 1/2 feet onto a hard floor and it dinged the corner pretty bad, but it still works OK.

Is there anything I can do? I don't have any money to do anything

My Apple phone support ran out but it's till under the repair warranty.

I'm really worried now. My power cord had a big crease in it, and now my new Mac had a ugly dent on it. The writing on it (like the grayish writing for the serial number and stuff) has wore out too...

What would you do? Is there anything I can do at all?

MacBook Pro 13" 2010 Baseline, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Click on the Apple menu and click "About This Mac". Underneath the the bold "Mac OS X" text, click where it says Version 10.X.X until you get to Serial Number. Then send your Mac back to repair if you don't want a dent.
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Unfortunately, your Applecare will not cover accidental damage, and if you want your Mac restored to brand new condition, you will have to pay to have it done. Very likely the drop has voided your Applecare as well, although it can be reinstated if Apple repairs the damage.

    It's possible you have renter's or homeowner's insurance that might cover accidental damage. It's also possible that if you paid with a credit card, there is coverage for accidental damage. You might want to check into this first.

    Good luck!
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    I have no money at all to fix it.

    I don't have any insurance that I know of -- and the computer was a gift (registered in my name though).

    I don't think a credit card was used to pay for it, either.

    This stinks. At least it still works though, and well at that. The HDD passes SMART tests and what not.

    Would calling my local Apple store be futile?

    Thanks, I appreciate the help. (And sorry for not replying very quickly, I was hoping for another answer. I did mark your answers as helpful though)

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    Really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I always feel it's best to be honest. I don't know if there is anything that can be done to improve the damage cosmetically, but it doesn't cost anything to make an appointment at the genius bar and see if there is anything they can do. I know that they have been able to adjust hinges and latches for people, and possibly they could straighten out the ding a bit. No way to know since we haven't seen it.

    Fortunately, your Mac still seems to work without issue, which is good. It may be that the damaged corner absorbed the force of the blow and the damage is cosmetic rather than functional. It would have been far worse if the Mac had quit working after the fall.

    You were probably hoping to be told that Apple would fix it for free under warranty, but unfortunately, accidental damage is not covered--only defects in parts and workmanship. It would be no kindness to give you false or misleading information.

    Really sorry about what happened to your Mac and that I could not give you any good news. It was very kind of you to give me a star anyway, and I thank you for it. It reflects good character and generosity on your part. This will serve you well in life.

    One thing you can think about--the possibility of fixing it yourself some time in the future when you do have a bit of extra cash. You can find step by step instructions for fixing your Mac at ifixit and PowerBook Medic and elsewhere. Parts are available there and on EBay if you know what you're looking for. Sometimes you can even find stuff at a local AASP. Our local AASP, Dot Foil, has several parts machines on hand, and has been very generous with hard-to-find iBook feet and screws. If I needed something like a case, I would probably ask there first and see if they happened to have one I could purchase from a parts machine. So often, it's the internal parts that get used, leaving the outer case to be recycled. Just some food for thought.

    Good luck to you, and happy computing!
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    I have a similar question. I just dropped my, just out of warranty MacBook Pro and fortunately, the ding wasn't that bad. There is a minor (barely perceptible) dent on the lid corner on the left bottom which is causing the right bottom to slightly scrape against the body of the laptop when opened. I'm OK with the cosmetic damage but my concern is the scraping of the lid to the base when opened and the possibility of long term damage. Would it be OK to try to nudge the lid back to the proper position?
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    I dropped my Black MacBook as well as my aluminum MacBook Pro. I actually slammed my Macbook into the ground (I fell - the MacBook was in a bag). Nothing happened. It was very very fortunate. Those carbonate cases are great that way. My aluminum Pro fell off the bed and got dented. I hated the flaw at first and seriously looked into repairs. If you dent the lid you actually have to replace the display at over half the price of a new machine. If you dent the bottom, you just replace the shell. The idea of smoothing out a dent cannot work - the aluminum "polish" will never look the same. These machines are more vulnerable than the MacBooks - they dent like soda cans. Just a condition of the make. I made up my mind to sell & upgrade I hated the dent so much. Then I realised I could afford to be more "relaxed" or "less careful" with an imperfect machine and decided I liked that better!
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    Six of one / a half-dozen of the other. It is really "your guess" (you don't describe accurately WHAT is rubbing what & "how hard", but it doesn't matter). Check some online photos of a deconstructed machine and decide for yourself. Maybe get a fresh set of tiny, hard screwdrivers and see inside your own machine... It sounds like cosmetic friction marks will be the worst of it (?)
    Pics -
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    I dropped my Macbook Pro (mid 2010) and it broke into pieces. I still have AppleCare Protection. Is that covered?
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    I have a similar question. My mac book pro fell off my lap and hit the corner of my desk the bottom right front corner is dented in, and i can see inside the computer. I know my apple care will not cover this damage because it is "accidental" but how much would it cost to repair this? Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone. I just purchased a MBP 15" Baseline model from the Apple store less than a week ago. Today when I was on my way from lunch, it fell out of my bag on the ground. Fortunately, it starts up fine and everything works fine. The thing is it has two dings on the sides and I'm a bit unhappy because I just spent two grand on the machine and it is already damage. I've only owned it for 5 days. Can I return it to the Apple Store and get a new MBP? This is my first MAC and I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks.



    Mac Book Pro 15, i7 Quad.

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    I think you should be able to, my wife wrecked her car (minor) not even two days after she bought it.  The dealership wouldn't replace it even though she only owned for two days but I'm sure Apple will, ask about their "I damaged my insert product here and I want a new one program"

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    The thing is it has two dings on the sides
    Can I return it to the Apple Store and get a new MBP?

    Only Apple can make that decision.


    You have 14 days from the day of purchase to return a Mac product.  Take your "dented" Macbook Pro to an Apple Store & see they will accept it for an exchange.

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    Hello there,


    Yes I recommend use Best Buy Geek Squad, they have ADH program (Accidental Damage and Handling), for who bought the MacBook Pro that would be including ADH program when you signed up before you purchase new mac.


    Apple Inc, does not have ADH program, they're only have a equiptment defects coverage.

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    My MacBook pro just started having a problem with the lid. It doesn't close fully and it doesn't hold itself up. This just came on yesterday with no damage to my knowledge. What's going on.

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