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Hi there!

I want to check my Hard Disk with Disk Utility, but none of the two buttons (Verify Disk & Repair Disk) are available, I started up from my Mac OS X installation disc, and once, it told me that the disk had errors and needed to backup my files, so I went back and backed up with Time Machine, then out of curiosity went again and I started up from my Mac OS X installation disc, and this time it told me that the disk was fine and there wasn't any errors, but when I open Disk Utility with my Mac, none of the buttons are available, is this normal?

What should I do?

Context: Before all this, I installed a program called Tuxera to create a NTFS partition but my Mac started to act weird, so I deactivate and uninstalled this program, that's when I went to verify the disk.

Any Help would be gratefully appreciated

MacBook Pro 15', Mac OS X (10.6.5), 4 MB RAM
  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 Level 4
    I hope I'm wrong but it sounds very much like Tuxera did something to your startup disk. I would also be somewhat concerned about the integrity of any Time Machine Backups you made after you ran Tuxera.

    The safest thing to do would be to start up from your Snow Leopard disk and see if you can *restore your system and data from your Time Machine backups to an +external HD+* formatted using Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and GUID Partitioning. Formatting will erase all the data on that disk. *If you try to restore to the internal and it doesn't work you will probably lose most of your data.*

    Startup your Mac using the external and check very carefully to see that you have all your data and that everything works as it should. If it does you can safely reformat your internal drive from Disk Utility on the Leopard disk using Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and GUID Partitioning. After that you can clone the external drive to your Mac's internal drive or install from the Time Machine backups.

    If the Time Machine backup doesn't work you will need to run a disk data recovery utility to see if you can salvage your data from your internal drive.

    I don't use PC's so someone may be along with much better advice. However, unless and until someone more knowledgeable about PC file formats comes along to help *don't reformat your internal drive until you know your Time Machine backups are OK.*
  • William Boyd, Jr. Level 6 Level 6
    Destructiva wrote:
    I want to check my Hard Disk with Disk Utility, but none of the two buttons (Verify Disk & Repair Disk) are available

    Exactly what do you mean that those buttons aren't available? The inability to do a "Repair Disk" operation may be due to the fact that you can't use Disk Utility to do that on a Mac's boot volume. If the boot volume needs to be repaired, using the installation disc is one way around that restriction.
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    Thank you Peggy

    I'm thinking too that Tuxera messed somehow with the startup disk, I will follow you advice carefully.

    Thank you again for your reply.
  • Destructiva Level 1 Level 1
    William the buttons are light grey, I can't press any of them while opening *Disk Utility* from the startup disk.
  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 Level 4
    Something is definitely amiss if Disk Utility's Verify button is grayed out.

    If you suspect that Tuxera may have done something to damage your internal disk don't do use that disk until you can verify your Time Machine backups are in good shape by doing a restore to an external drive using the Snow Leopard installation disk. Disk Utility's Repair function may very well overwrite data you may need to recover and simply using your computer booted off the internal runs that risk as well.

    If you can't restore successfully from your Time Machine backups you might want to see if DiskWarrior will repair your internal. It has the ability to repair disks without overwriting data. Other disk utility programs may do the same but I'm not familiar with them.
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    hi again Peggy, I've followed your instructions step by step, the backup from the Time Machine appeared to be fine in the external, so I reformatted the startup disk the way you indicated, I forgot to mention that I had a Bootcamp partition on that same drive but with the Tuxera situation for some reason that partition disappeared, it was empty anyway I made it to install Windows and run AutoCAD, but with time I installed Parallels instead, so I didn't used the partition, now is gone.

    All the files seemed fine, nothing was lost, Time Machine saved the day.

    After I formatted and reinstalled my OS I ran the Disk Utility and the Verify Button appeared again and I was able to verify the disk successfully.

    But there was something bogus, today I woke up and my Mac was off :S so I turned on and did the verification again, but it tells me that the Disk is fine, I went to the Mac store and they made several test to my computer and all the Hardware seems to be working fine, but that detail is a bit disturbing.

    Anyway thank you again.