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I've read the iPad book and a few Apple tech notes on this but am still not 100% clear on the differences. It seems we can sync, backup and transfer our iPad data to our computers.

Frankly, I don't understand why there isn't just one process that "backs up" your iPad to your computer so there is a mirror copy of data in case you need to restore your iPad, existing or new one if lost.

Can some one summarize the difference between the 3 and a strategy to have ALL your iPad info on your computer? I use MobileMe BTW so my contacts and calendar are always synced using Push.

Thanks. Steven

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    A backup only backs up up certain items. Other items are synced from your library and other places. See the following for what is in a backup:

    The transfer only transfers/copies iTunes purchases to a computer. It is useful when you buy items directly from the itunes store from your iPad. It is also very useful when your computer crashed and you do not have a backup. Thus, you can transfer music (which you can't redownload for free unlike app where your can).

    Unless you cancel it, a backup is made every time you sync. Doing a backup alone is useful if you computer crashed and you do not have a backup. That way you can, along with doing other things like transferring purchases, get your iPad back to syncing with a "new" computer.