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My mate lives in America, im from England.
How do I facetime him because I cant get through..Im pretty sure im doing it wrong (It works fine calling all english mobiles becuase you just type the normal number. I think I need an international code..

His mobile number is like 2** * ** would I need a code for it? Please let me know.

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    Id also like to add he is in canada at the moment... So he has an american number but is in canada at the moment!

    Please help.

    Thanks again!
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    Make sure his US number has a +1 in front of the area code. And most importantly, make sure you are both using WiFi. FaceTime s a wifi only service.
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    I'm sure you will have to put in the +1, my girlfriend lives in Korea and we have no issues doing Facetime internationally. Just make sure that your wi-fi is on, and same for the other end.
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    yes it works guys, thanks for your help!

    i just added a 001 before the number. Not sure if the two zero's in the beginning make a differance but it works!
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    +1 and 00 1 are the same thing

    However the international dialling code is different in other countries. In the US you need to dial 011 before the country code. This phone the UK from the US is 011 44 and the number. Using the + means you don't have to remember the different formats in different countries