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I was going to put some new songs on our 1GB iPod shuffle today and when I plugged it in, it asked to update to newer software. We hit the button for the updater and it started....then just as it was beginning, the iPod came loose and was disconnected. (the door for our usb ports is not very ergomically designed). Now the iPod is not reconized on either PC or Mac. I mean when I plug it into the USB 2.0 port, it never surfaces on the desktop or itunes. Even the updater program does not reconize it.

Weirdly enough, it still plays music if you turn it on and plug in the headphones.

I know you all want to just respond with flames and jokes, but I'm sure this has happened to someone else before so someone must have some idea of whether or not this is resettable via computer or if we need to send it back.

thanks for any serious help...

Power Mac G4 MDD,1.25 GHz Single, 1.5GB RAM, 80GB HD, Mac OS X (10.4.3)