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I know that there are plenty of posts out there with the same or a similar problem. Here, I try to describe the problem in a way, where everyone could reproduce it.

First, I will describe my current setup on my iPhone and then my problem:

My Calendar, Contacts, eMail are all synced with my Windows Live Account through an Exchange Account.

Exchange Account Setup:
- Server: m.hotmail.com
- Domain: <leave it empty>
- Username: <your Windows Live ID>
- Password: <your Password>

iPhone Timezone: Zurich, Switzerland (GMT +1)

After editing one of my contacts (new or existing one) and sync it back to my Windows Live Account, the birthday and anniversary are one day off in all other Applications (on hotmails web page, Windows Live Mail, ...).

To reproduce this Problem, you have to set the iPhone timezone (Settings->General->Date & Time) manually to a timezone with a positive shift against GMT Time (Zurich with GMT +1 will do the trick). All other timezones (Lodon GMT +0, Cupertino GMT -8) are working as expected.

*My conclusion:*
There seems to be a Bug in the Exchange protocol with respect to the birthday and anniversary fields and the used timezone information.

@Apple: Please fix this Bug.

Everyone with the same problem (as well those with another Exchange Server), please post a replay.


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iPhone, iOS 4, iOS 4.2.1