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Has anyone else noticed serious latency on the Playback plug-in - up to a 1/2 second? I've able to work around this issue by feeding the samples into the EXS24. I also had to use MidiPipe for remapping start and stop on my controller to Note On/Off events. It would be nice to use the proper tool for the job.

I'm on the newest version on Snow Leopard and MainStage. This problem is the same on multiple audio interfaces as well as the internal output.

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    I have noticed this, as well (not just with the latest version). I've found that if I start the playback (and experience some delay in playback), then stop it -- that every subsequent start will be instant (or close to instant). For the musical I just did, I had my headphones plugged into one output on my interface and the send to the house on another. I added a mute button that only muted the mains, so I could trigger the playback without it going to the house.

    It was a workaround for me, although I was always a bit panicked when I hit play to cache-up (?) the playback audio. This is not, of course, ideal...but it did get me through the musical.

    I've tried AIFF and CAF files (both behaved the same)...and also tried on multiple macs and interfaces. I have considered getting a solid state drive to see if that helps make the initial playback more instant, but I haven't crossed that bridge yet.

    Mainstage is sooooo very close to being my dream performance app. If they could just get this issue and the continuing issue with glitches in audio when you use the wait for marker, it would be **** near perfect for me.

    Best of luck..let's hope for more bug fixes soon.


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    Hi there

    My experience of this behaviour a long time back was cured by splitting my concert up into two or three different files. The reason was because (as I understand it) Mainstage loads up all the playback files in a concert into RAM, and as I had quite a few, it was using up most of my RAM and causing things to slow down.

    That was quite an easy solution for me, as I tend to play one set, have a break then do another, so I can load up a new concert during the break. Don't know if that's something you guys are able to do?

    Good luck
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    I'm having a similar issue.

    When I start my playback track (one track) the tape starts moving but the audio doesn't come through until beat to on the tape, but the sound coming through is the beginning of the track. When the play head reaches the end of the loop it repeats back, but the loop isn't finished playing because it started a beat later. This causes major glitches in performing. I haven't found a solution yet. The problem started when I updated mainstage 2 with the latest update.

    Any and all thoughts are welcome.
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    Take out the Adlimiter from the master outputs.

    That does the trick.
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    Sorry may have misunderstood.

    Take out the adlimiter if your having latency problems with guitars, bass, etc going through mainstage live.

    For the playback, map to a midi controller to stop, start, etc the playback facility as its a bag of ***** just htting the screen with a mouse.
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    I have he same problem. I have tried the workaround with the EXS24 sampler. It works with no latency but there is something i don't know how to do. I need to tap tempo during the gig and trigger my sample at that tempo. With the playback plugin i can do that. Is it possible to do so with the EXS24?
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    I've been trying several things to sort this issue out as I need instant playback but I think the only thing that works is to include a 'Panic!' or reset audio/everything button.  When you do this the audio will playback instantly as it should.


    Perhaps if this were included in the stop control for playback it would be more useful but it seems to work for my purposes - backtracks with markers, tempo info etc without any obscure work arounds.


    The 'reset audio' button is included on the 'keyboard & 4 backing tracks' preset but like everything else it is mappable if you know your way around.  The mapping is the panic option in actions.


    Hope this helps, I'd like to know if this sorts problems for others.  The only way I think it might be an issue is if you had trailing delays or the like and hit the button too soon but when you're ready to rock at the beginning of a song I would think it should be fine.



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    The SSD does not actually solve the Playback initial latency problem. I've got 2.66 Unibody with 8 Gigs and Corsair Force SSD and my concert is less than 300MB (total with samples, Playback loops and IRs) - the Playback does not start as fast as it supposed to.

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    This whole issue is not a latency problem.  Logic 9 with plenty fast macbook pro, motu traveller etc.


    The tracks don't start immediately on hitting play in playback because the mainstage clock is mid-bar so it waits until the first beat of the bar so that everything is in sync.


    If you need a track to start immediately with nothing else you have to set it to play using play action (in the menu in playback) and make your play button a play button from the action menu not the play button for playback.


    I wanted to make playback my backing tracks player and insert markers in Logic and transfer them across to Playback.  2 things happened - I couldn't get the markers to line up (even visibly dropping out of sync!!) in playback and it wouldn't navigate them without delay (a noticeable momentary pause) in playback.


    The resolution for this after trying everything happened to be something strange in the bounce function in logic.  When you select the bars it will accept and insert silence if your song starts at bar 2 and you export from bar 1.  However, if you select outside the region at the end it on an even bar it doesn't like this at all.  You must end it on an even bar within the actual region so this might mean inserting silence in logic to meet with an even bar or give yourself much more than you need then say if your region now ends at bar 81 try exporting/bouncing bar 1 to bar 80 and this should work.  If your track ends at say you will have to insert silence or record a couple of bars on the end to give yourself some wiggle room.  Why it will give you the start bar in silence and not what you select on the end I don't know - seems highly illogical ;0D


    If you try to bounce from say bar 1 - your audio starts at bar 2 and ends at or whatever and you select bar 81 in the bounce window to end it will not line up.


    So, I resolved playback start and lining up the markers by using these methods only to find that when navigating the markers in playback there were stutters almost as if mainstage couldn't cope with it and wouldn't navigate smoothly.  Perplexed at this new hurdle (I already got me a copy of ableton live at this point) I was out of ideas.  Luckily I had 2 versions of mainstage - the newest version (2.1.3 (416.81) and the older version 2.0.1 (408.12).  I can't remember what made me try the other version but guess what??  It worked perfectly.  Plays as it should, navigates the markers without glitches and lines up (that's a logic export issue anyhow I think).


    Playback cold start is an easy one once you understand about mainstage clock, markers took a little while to figure out and glitches or playback multiple playback starts are trickier as it's a fault with the program version.  As well as small glitches it would actually cut the current playing bar until it had 'figured it out'.


    My older version was an option I think on upgrades - keep original version. 


    If you don't know the basics of playback as regards setting up sync and tempo info etc there are posts that cover this but if you've done all the bits I've done you should be fine.  Shame about the version issue bug as it makes it unuseable and to be completely honest I don't trust mainstage for my purposes.  I had Ableton Live session view doing what I wanted with a midi floorboard in about half an hour - no glitches and no messing, quick and easy and you can just put an uneven loop in there and line it up to play perfectly in no time at all.


    Hope this helps ;0)

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    For what it's worth I noticed it went away for me when you turn off "snap to" as that setting is tied to the rather ambiguous Mainstage clock