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What are "awacsd" and "hello.connectivity.me.com"?

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    Start with a google search for awacsd and be awed by the hits.
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    Well that answers the "awacsd" part now what about "hello.connectivity.me.com"?
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    That comes from "back to my mac".

    see this thread:


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    I finally got a Senior Advisor, Taylor, at Apple to answer this. Three previous technicians claimed they'd never heard of this issue.
    APACSD is Apple Wide Area Connectivity Service Daemon. It is a function of MobileMe. It doesn't pertain to BTMM only, but to a world of connections such as Calendar, Contacts, Synch, iWeb, etc.
    Taylor explained that this a a form of handshaking between MobileMe and your Mac. If the connection is disabled by your firewall protection, you will see many malfunctions in anything MobileMe-related.
    hello.connectivity.me.com is a platform established in OSX 10.6.6 that will later support other added services.
    Funny. The third technician thought I was worried about the government seeking contact with my computer ("just who do you believe is trying to access your computer?") and treated me like a weirdo until I explained the research time I'd spent on this and told him I knew this was an Apple connection. Only then did he pass me along to his superior. At least he learned something.
    And maybe this helps someone else who's bugged by these repeated requests for access. Allow the connection and it's over with.
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    Oops. Typo. "AWACSD is Apple Wide Area Connectivity Service Daemon"
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    niteowl wrote:
    Well that answers the "awacsd" part now what about "hello.connectivity.me.com"?

    The "me.com" at the end should have been a major clue that it's about Apple MobileMe.
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    Well, you're smarter than the three previous Apple technicians. They were a) stymied (b) advising me to disable iTunes Genius and Ping, and (c) completely flummoxed.
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    Thank all
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    You have to understand that tier 1 technical support, the people who answer the phone, are poorly trained and not very tech savvy. If they were they wouldn't be tier 1. They generally have a book in front of them with responses to customer questions. The customer asks the question or relates the issue. The tier 1 tech looks up the question or issue in their "book" and parrots the answer. That's it. Tier 1 techs are also under tremendous pressure to NOT escalate to tier 2. From Apple to at&t, to Verizon, to Samsung, to Dell, to whoever, tier 1 technical support reps are mostly the same. About all they do is recommend rebooting, power cycling, checking the power cord, that sort of thing.

    I would like to know however why you didn't just search on your own in the first place.
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    Thanks for supplying a helpful reply to this thread! (Unlike pretty much everyone else on it...)

    The man page for awacsd was no help either, for the record. But I guess Google is the new man page.
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    As someone else has already noted, this is the Back To My Mac service, but...I never turned this ON. Somehow, this got turned on all by itself. Could one of the 10.6.x updaters have done this?
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    That is the biggest load of garbage I've ever read.

    Tier 1 support at Apple are hands-down the best support you'll ever come across and they go into more than just 'restarting' the machine... if they don't know something they'd escalate to Tier 2...
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    That's a little over the top. They might not be incredibly computer savvy but they've helped me with some pretty obscure stuff in the past. I've had to go to Tier 2 for maybe 30% of my calls and they're fantastic. But the Tier 1s are still pretty decent.