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  • swolbynos Level 1 (0 points)

    Again, you don't read. I said it was updated with the latest OS.


    My router does not matter, it should just work.


    I have no idea what my work router is anyways. If it only happened at home that would be one thing, but I work at a datacenter and they know what they are doing.


    Also, again I fall back to "EVERYTHING ELSE works. All the other non MBA devices work fine.' So there's nothing wrong with the network.


    Please stop trying to convince people to mess around with all their router settings, we are apple customers paying a premium to get the apple hardware for the very reason of it "Just working".

  • Rip M Level 1 (0 points)

    Willing to try anything! I travel a fair bit and can't connect at a number of hotels with the MBA, only with my Dell. MBA often establishes a connection with the hotel router and obtains an IP address, but has no Internet access. Advice to upgrade/change out the router doesn't apply at hotels obviously, and the facts that needing to connect at a hotel is a pretty common requirement and that my Dell on Windows 7 is fine both add fuel to the fire. Or ire. Oh yeah, and the MBA cost $1,000 more than the Dell, not including all the software I bought. Thanks Apple!

  • The Robby Level 1 (0 points)


    There is no reason to be shy to call a spade a spade. If Apple packaged crapy hardwares plus nice OS and powerful promotion it still all bundles down to iCrap. The MBA was meant to be a mobile fully functioning business laptop. So, what should be working best is the wireless connection. I chose MBA purposely for the lightweight since I travel a lot. I was using Toshiba Portege A600 prior to my first 2010 MBA, same weight. The Mac OS is good and with the MBA I got both choice - WinXP in VMFusion for my business softwares and Mac OS for fun. In Win8 I can have all of these and wont have to be fighting with my PC to have desired connection or ask the hotel to change routers because my MBA is spending the night! I believe Apple coud have fixed this if software could do. It is just garbage hardware.

    Microsoft has been "releasing" Office for iOS since. It just means MS is sure of its product to compete well. If Apple will make Mac OS available on Windows via Parallel or VM Fusion, believe me, other PCs will kill Macbooks.

  • myriapod Level 2 (195 points)

    I'm not trying to convice people to buy Apple or closing eyes on problems, i'm just tring to say that these issues were present during the switch from 10.6.x to Lion, and from G AP's to N AP's (this is my case).

    In  my lab (70macs,15Ubuntus,10Win7 and a couple of WIN8) i have to customize many settings to avoid problems among all kind of OS.

    My MBA's, of course, had many problems just like other people here, and after updgrading they all gone.

    Stop. I found a mixed solution, OS+New Routers/Ap and i solved them. I'm trying to share my experience nothing else.



    i work abroad from Europe many days in a month, i haven't experience none of these issues on Internet cafe,

    Hotels or HotSpot all over Asia or Middle East. Of course my laptop during these trips abroad is my MBA 2010 13" (now 10.8.2).

    Sorry my English is not good i hope you understand what i mean...

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    Myriapod -


    I'd appreciate any suggestions you have on how I might configure my MBA and/or router to get the wifi to work better.


    I have a 2012 MBA running 10.8.2. I'm using a Netgear N600 router with WPA2 security.


    Let me know what other info would be helpful. (I just followed you on Twitter if you want to DM me your email.)


    Thanks so much!!



  • myriapod Level 2 (195 points)


    Twitter? "myriapod" account on Twitter is not mine.

    drop me a line via email (myriapod at gmail dot com)

    i will be glad to try to help you

  • robbiegraham Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been using Apple kit since 1982 and throughout that time have had 2 problems. Not bad for 30 years and countless devices. The last problem to date was the MBA 11' 2010 model which i sorted - convoluted I know, but sorted. At the moment I am using a new (refurb mid 2012) 13" MBA running 10.8 and to date have had no issues whatsoever either at home or at various free wifi spots in Scotland. I do agree really strongly that Apple need to sort this as at the premium price we expect a premium product which some people seem not too have had. I have also used Windows since 3.1 and it was crap then and using 7 in our business and still hate it - its a personal thing. As for pc laptops, anything decently made and kitted out comes in at same price as a Mac and falls apart within no time. I still run Mac OS8.0 on a Powerbook 1400 with a G3 processor upgrade and all i have ever replaced is the battery - it just works like every other Mac i have owned. Crazy thing is I like Microsoft Office software and always have its just Windows I cant get. Its written by 100's of technicians who never spoke to each other untill the last minute then patched it all together badly, then gave it to a decorator to do the GUI.



  • PZS Level 1 (0 points)

    My spouse had the same issues as all of us here.  I tried calling Apple many times and tried various 'fixes' to no avail.  I also thought that it could not be the router as all my other devices worked.  Also, since I would have some issues accessing routers in other locations, it had to be my MBA!  Well, while I still think there is an issue with the MBA, in our case the problem WAS an issue between our router and MBA.  Once I solved that, my spouse's MBA was able to connect normally to ALL routers, just like my MBP.


    So my point is to listen to Myriapod and don't be so sure of yourself that your router cannot possibly be involved - I did the same thing and it cost me lots of time.  Also, Myriapod is being kind and trying to help, so I'd take him up on his offer to help you!!


    As for what was our problem?  Well, while I cannot tell you the exact change that got it to work, resetting all devices (wiping clean the network settings, prefs, cache, etc (clean slate!), including my router, and after reinstalling my MBA, I first connect the MBA to the router.  Once I was assured that was working, I then proceeded to connecting the others.


    This made sense as I had read somewhere where the cache in the router (I have a Time capsule) was recalling old settings and not allowing the MBA to connect.  Once this was solved, somehow, and I'm not sure why, my MBA was able to connect to all networks normally. 


    So this suggest that the interaction between my router and the MBA caused some kind of configuration that was corrupted and would not allow me to connect.  If I only reset one device and not both, the same configuration on either device would affect the other, therefore allowing the issue to persist.  But by resetting all devices, a new configuration must take place, therefore allowing the MBA to connect.


    As always, this worked for me.  Their are not guarantees, but after dealing with this for a year and a half, I finally got it working.  Good luck to all.


    PS  As always, make sure to update to latest software, repari permissions, and check disk function first before trying to connect again to the router (after reinsall of course!).



  • swolbynos Level 1 (0 points)

    My MBA I bought as my primary machine at work. I've only even opened it a few times at home on my home network. My problem is on my work network and I have 0 control over the work network. I can not make any modifications nor would I expect to be able to, the laptop should connect without issues just like every other device on the network. So while your suggestion may work for some, it does not work for everybody.


    The problem still rests with the machine itself and Apple, there's no skirting around this and no work arounds. You can repair your permissions and hope it improves it, but it did not for me.

  • PZS Level 1 (0 points)

    I am not skirting around the issue, as you like to repeat.  As I stated a above, I agree that the issue is mainly Apple's.  But to continue to complain and not accept suggestions, you're only hurting yourself. 


    I did not say that fixing permissions, etc., alone fixes the problem (as it did not for me), but might as well get the basics out of the way (especially after a reinstall) after trying another measure. 


    As for work arounds, some things worked for some people, as it did for me.  In an ideal world, everything would work perfectly, but sometimes it doesn't.


    I got it, your angry.  I was and still am that  many have this issue.  But again, I don't know the stats maybe the numbers are small enough that it is expected.  Like many others, I have had many Apple products with overall very little issues.  Throughout the years I have heard many complain about one issue or another, which I did not experience.  However, this was my time.  It was (and is) annoying.


    Your choices to me seem to either stay angry, or get another laptop (Apple or other).  Life's too short to stay angry.

  • swolbynos Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh I plan on it. Going to sell it on craigslist and get a real laptop. Not buying another air since I now know they are made with sub-par hardware components. Thankfully apple laptops resell for almost the full price. So I suppose there's that silver lining. lol


    While the percentage of people with this problem may not be huge, it's sizable enough to be at 43 pages of complaints, so it's hardly a one off occurence.


    If Apple were smart they would address the issue in a timely manner before more folks toss the machine and get a better one.

  • kblade145 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd like to comment on a larger perspective of this issue: most of the solutions suggested in this discussion require a far amount of computer technical skill. As best I can remember my "start date," I have been a Mac-head for about 25 years. I am an experienced user, but not a techie. So I buy Apple Care every time I buy a new piece of equipment. In all my 25 years, I don't ever recall a problem that I could not resolve with the help of Apple support. Until this wi-fi connection problem.


    Fortunately I don't have connection problems at either of our two homes or my office. But  I travel several times a year, and when I do I run into the same problems as outlined in this thread. Perhaps the most exapserating is to appear to connect into a hotel wi-fi network only not to be able to get on the Internet. It has happened several times over the last year or more.


    Antenna problem? The wi-fi fan shows a full signal. And in these situations, my iPhone connects as does my iPad.


    As far as the solutions suggested in this discussion, not being a technie, some are truly over my head. And in a hotel, I don't have access to their wireless router even if I knew who to change its settings.


    The failure of Apple to diagnose and correct this issue is truly baffling and very disappointing.

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    At Marriott last 2 days and have exact issue on '09 MBA.  Pretty much have to rely on wired connection.  Contrary to some, I tend to think this might be software since there was a time it worked fine (9-12 months ago?) but has gotten progressively worse.  Can't say for sure, but seems to be linked to one of the last OS upgrades.


    Regardless, it is pretty pathetic it remains un-acknowledged by Apple.

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    One note about my WiFi connection issue - it has happened only twice in the last six months and only at home on my own routers; it worked fine 100% of the time in European hotels.  My other 13" MBA has never had the problem. PCs I've used under Windows At work have network issues weekly so I'm not too worked up about this.

  • biker Level 1 (5 points)

    This same issue just occurred on my old mbpro

    At the apple store

    Go to network settings go to network profiles and put in new name

    And click apply

    It instantly fixed the exact hotel problem described above

    May work for mb air!

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