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  • strikegentlyy Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll second crbtaylor's comment! There is something funky going on here! When I use my universities network I get ping delays on the range 18-20 ms (this WAYY too high!) and when I use a home network router like a D-Link (I own) or a Linksys the delays are on the order of 100 - 1000 ms.


    I'll never install Windows to an Apple machine but Linux would LOVE to perform better for me on this hardware.

  • manuelklein Level 1 (0 points)

    hi crbtaylor, see, i would love to install snow leopard on mine (instead of windows) but unfortunately my 2011 mba came with lion pre-installed so snow leopard doesn't seem to be an option (judging from other threads). it's such a pain, i mean effectively i have a 2011 mba running a clean install of 10.8.2 and a brand new iphone 5 running ios 6.0.1 and i am unable to use the latter as a reliable personal hotspot on the former (which is a pure apple to apple communication issue). it is a farce and very disappointing.

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    ah, one last thing that i meant to mention that might help some more apple-savvy folks to come up with a fix: in my house there happen to be two independent and identical wifi base stations, both connected to the same isp. now one of them does not have any password/security on it installed whilst the other does: funnily enough it seems that the wifi drops / connection timeouts are only an issue on the box with security installed. this seems to be somewhat in line with other threads relating to the keychain (duplicate entries, access rights) and would be compatible with the (password-secured) connection to my iphone 5 being unreliable. just a thought.

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    Problems here too.. more severe, though.


    Windows PCs work fine.


    Connection dies after 5-10 seconds.


    To submit this forum post, I'll have to turn WiFi off, turn it back on, and submit before the connection dies.


    OSX Lion, all updates.


    I'm a computer tech.


    It's been real, Mac.

  • tipitapp Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Everybody!
    That is my problem too Few minutes wifi and dropped... few minutes wifi and dropped
    When I have seen the update for this problem, I was so happy, but it wrote, this update is not supported on my system. But why? I bought this maybe 1 months before and the software is 1O.8.2.
    That is my first apple computer, but I dont like yet, because I can't use it ...


    Can somebody find any solution for this issues, or have we waiting for more...?!


    Happy Holidays!

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    Same issue here, mba one week old and runs on newest version of mountain lion. I get network time outs all the time and now it doesn t even find my router antmor (all other routers in my neighbourhood it finds), whereas my ipad, other laptop and phones connect just fine.  Tried reset router (worked once, after that not anymore), tried fixing the ip (worked once, not anymore), tried deleting my network prefs and restart (worked twice, not anymore).  This is so anoyng, also considering i trew away the box (not having expected ANY issues with an apple product...if i would have the box i would be able to return it.  Really hope apple support helps me the coming week as a mba without wifi at home is useless.

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    I wonder what we have to do to get the 'geniuses' of Apple to even acknowledge that this is p*ssing a lot of their customers off?  I'm having to turn  my MBA wifi off/on about 5 times a day!  It never has a problem seeing all the other routers in the neighbourhood.....My grandson's MB is just incapable of seeing my home router but can find about a dozen others in the neighbourhood.

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    2 years, 665 replies and Apple hasn't fixed it, but it's aggravating enough I will add mine.


    I can reach out and touch my router with my foot. If I click on the wifi icon I can watch it as it drops the signal and get 'Looking for Networks'. Happens every 10-13 seconds, 2012 11" Macbook Air, 10.8.2. I have a Officejet 8600 which is wifi, very seldom it will pick up that instead of the internet wifi it was hooked to seconds earlier, and that is at the top of the list.


    I've tried it on several networks and always get the same results.


    C'mon Apple, you're a better company than this to let a known problem go on this long. Guess it's tech support time.

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    We have 3 MacBook Pro's in our house.

    None has wifi issues any more.

    We dumped ATT Uverse and now have Time Warner

    We had some issues at first with Time Warner but they put in their "high end router"


    All problems are gone, 15 - 20 MB speed consistently


    Since June its been like this

  • swolbynos Level 1 (0 points)

    The majority of the users here are complaining about the macbook air. not macbook pro. so who cares arbout all your macbook pros that are just fine...

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    Sigh... I am too lazy to type out the nature of the problem because it is exactly as described in this forum. Just bought my MBA June 2012. "Geniuses" at Apple, please help fix this issue. It's annoying to be working midway and then lose internet connectivity. (ping timeout to gateway but the wireless connection IS connected to the router)

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    I wonder what routers people are using and having issues with? I'm using a Netgear WNDR3800. Could that be a factor?

  • reconstructor Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm using a Netgear 7550 router/modem for AT&T DSL, have an OLD Powerbook which doesn't drop the signal. I've been to my daughter's who has Comcast and restaurants/hotels with the same results.

  • VAOne Level 1 (0 points)

    I bought macbook Air last friday. This issue happened to me over 20 times. Its going back tomorrow. Dont want to deal with this nonsense.

  • swolbynos Level 1 (0 points)

    smart choice. i waited and waited and can't take mine back now. apple has yet to even acknowledge the problem.

    VAOne wrote:


    I bought macbook Air last friday. This issue happened to me over 20 times. Its going back tomorrow. Dont want to deal with this nonsense.

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