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    I would have thought that if it doesn't fit on a dock connector, there's a good chance it won't mate with this cable either.
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    My brother and I were trying to decide which dock to buy to go with my Dad's iPod 4G and we settled on buying an Apple charger together with a Logitech Speaker System Z320.

    With this combination one can charge and play music at the same time and the sound quality from the Z320 speakers is superb. If greater sound volume is needed one can always buy a bigger Logitech sound system, but Z320's are very cheap, about the third of the cost of an average iPod dock.

    I highly recommend this setup as the sound is ported through the audio port and connector problems are not an issue.
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    I have just bought a Sony Micro HiFi that works with iPod Touch, what i failed to notice that it doesnt say its compatible with the 4th Gen (it is compatible with the 1st and 2nd), after setting up my HiFi i have found that the iPod does fit but it needs a dock incase its knocked it could damage the connection as the iPod is not supported, the HiFi is black so id like a black adaptor, can anyone point me in the right direction to getting one of these as Apple only seem to offer White adaptors. Thanks all
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    hi, I have a new 4G touch and a previous gen apple dock, they would not physically connect until I noticed that the dock connecter pins plastic ends were raised at each end I filed both of these flat and now it fits and works perfectly
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    I had a 4G touch and could not dock it into several different docking stations within the home. Called Apple to address this issue and their tech support said it was NOT a ipod issue, it must be the docking stations. Luckily, I had the receipt and exchanged it for a new one today and guess what????? It worked in every system I own. It is a SHAME Apple fails to address this issue!!! Poor manufacturing from this company. You can not treat people like I was treated by their tech support for long without it catching up with them. Definately an Ipod issue.
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    This has made me angry that the itouch 4g doesn't fit into my dream dock :@. All I wanna do is blast my tunes out if there while it charges. The only way I can do it is by plugging in the wire to play it out of the speakers which is stupid cause I want it docked a charging at same time. The only way to fix this problem is if apple make new itouch 4 docks sum1 plz get this idea across so I can dock and listen totunes at same time on my itouch 4g
  • NASTOUCH Level 1 Level 1 Hope this helps. I ran into this problem yesterday. This is a helping video I made.
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    My problem was also purely mechanical. 2 3G's would fit the dock but my 4G would not. Followed the Youtube video and trimmed the back of the case and it fit onto the 30 pin connector with no problem. Took my time so it took me about 10 minutes. Did not have to remove very much. Think that it maybe a supplier problem with the ridge on the case. They may use several suppliers or injection molds and one just happens to leave a ridge. That's why some have a problem and some do not.
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    I've been having the same problem with my iPod touch 4 as well. I purchased mine around Sept/Oct. If I bring it in to an apple store would they replace it or would they just repair it?
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    Hi. I was excited to hear you had resolved the same problem I currently have. I visited the website link you provided but do not know where to go from there. Do you have a more direct link that takes me straight to it? Help please, Cheers
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    I have just bought an ipod touch, so it should be 4 gen! I bought an altec lansing dock to go with it. First time I docked it, it worked fine, now it doesnt. The dock is making a connection cos I can control the volume and the wee speaker comes up on the screen, but the music does not play through the dock, rather it plays through the ipod's speaker. Ive tried blowing on it, im not sticking a knife in it, is there something Im missing? This is my first apple product and Ive already lost all the songs I spent hours uploading after having to reset it. Someone please restore my crumbling faith in apple? Thanks.

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    I just bought a home theatre/stereo system with a Denon docketing station and a Denon Amp.  When Best Buy set it up,  they tested it with my iPhone and it worked perfectly.  Two days ago, I purchased the latest generation iTouch so the system would have a dedicated iPod.  Apparently,  the connection problem with iPod touch has not been fixed.  I will call Best Buy when they open tomorrow (they are closed today for Easter) and see what they suggest.

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    gehurlston, and all the rest of you guys who wrote about this problem, THANK YOU!  I ran into the same problem with docking that was described in these comments.   Same story:  went to Best Buy, nothing fit, "oh, it must be your port".  Called Apple:  "oh, it must have been (all ?!) defective docks (or not compatable to 4G). (Or my favorite:  "Have you downloaded the latest updates?)


        So I found your string of comments, printed them out, took them and my trusty iPod to my local Apple Store, and --- Voila!!!  A new iPod swap.


        Admittedly, the Apple guy was dubious at first.  (I'm used to that, me being a blonde and all.)   But after some gentle persistance, the guy tried it on some of the store docking stations and confirmed it didn't mechanically fit. He saw a burr of plastic that impeded connection, and determined that there was a defect.   And swapped it out.  I couldn't be happier.


        I think this must be a relatively isolated problem -- that only *we* in this discussion got a bad batch.  If it were global, there'd be much more of an uproar.  And that would explain why the central office is unaware.


         So, guys - before you take a knife to the port (which I was ready to do) try one last ditch effort and take it to the store.  BEFORE the warranty runs out!!

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    I also have the same problem with my BRAND NEW iPod Touch 4th Gen. It just won't sit in any dock I have - I even tested it in a shop that sold Apple hardware (not an Apple Store) and it wouldn't fit in an official iPod Dock! It appears I have the same issue as many hundreds of thousands of iPod Touch owners in that there is something in the actual iPod connector that is preventing the iPod from seating in any dock.


    I am not prepared to take a knife to my iPod to try and fix the problem considering I have just paid £299 for a 64GB iPod Touch, when Apple are blatantly aware of the problem due to the countless threads on this forum. I am taking my iPod back to the Apple Store (at great inconvenience to myself seeing as there is not one nearby) to show them and hopefully get a swap for one that works.


    I would like to comment on the suggested fixes on here:


    1) I need to buy an iPod Touch 4th Gen Official iPod Dock from Apple - NO WAY. This has nothing to do with the actual 30 pin connector in the iPod itself. Buying one of these will NOT solve the problem at all.


    2) You need to update to the latest firmware on your iPod / Docking Station - NO WAY. If I update my firmware, will it magically change the hardware on the iPod to make it fit? I don't think so.


    3) Taking a small knife / pair of tweezers and try and push back the small plastic part preventing the dock - NO WAY. If I pay £299 for an iPod, I expect it to work from the off. I should not have to perform some home surgery on an expensive item like this in order to make it work as expected.


    Apple - Shame on you. Selling products that don't actually work as designed and then remaining in the shadows when there are countless complaints on these forums is disgraceful. How about you come out from hiding and issue an official response to these obvious design flaws?