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I would like to know if an Applications Disc replacement ordered from AppleCare will include the Apple Hardware Test or AHT. A few months ago I had to reorder both my OSX install and Application disc because they were damaged out of the box. Now I know that Apple send the correct disc because the replacement disc have the same part number as the original ones, however the replacement application disc does not have the small test that says: "For Apple Hardware Test, press down the "D" key on startup." (or something like that) as the original one does. Which makes me wonder if indeed the replacement application disc sent by AppleCare really includes the Apple Hardware Test.

Tell me what you think, Does a replacement Application disc sent by Apple include the Apple Hardware Test?

Now, I must tell you that my current complementary phone support has expired and I am waiting to get AppleCare but that won't be after January 2011 (I am a college student, and I am saving money for the AppleCare extended warranty).

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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