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svllee Level 1 Level 1
I may be going completely mad, but this morning my black MacBook 13inch just lost connection with my home wifi signal all of a sudden. My iMac, iBook G4, iPhone all continue to work normally. I thought it was my Airport card which may be faulty. I get the SSID signal, but when I type in the WPA string, it would just time out. I tried unenabling security on my router, but still cannot connect with the MB.

I took it into the Apple Store, to see a Genius, and managed to connect to the Apple store wifi with no problem, so it seems its not the Airport Card. Saw the Genius and he reset my PRAM, reconfigured the Network settings etc.

Got home, and same thing, still cannot connect to the home wifi.

I think there's a conflict somewhere between the router and the my MacBook, any ideas?
Could it be the latest 10.6.5?

MacBook 13 black, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • Grant Greene Level 6 Level 6
    What kind of wireless network do you have set up(i.e. mixed b/g or G)? It could be that you need to set up your network to be B or G only.
  • Chris Lascell Level 1 Level 1
    I just had a similar problem unexpectedly occur. I have 2 MacBooks (both 10.6.5) on the same network - G only. One Macbook can no longer connect to our wireless, but the other is still working normally. The Macbook that can not connect to the home network can still connect to a neighbors unprotected wireless. Also 2 iphones can no longer access the wireless connection. I'd happily blame the cable modem, but one MacBook has no problems. Any ideas?
  • zog953 Level 1 Level 1
    I would be grateful for any advice too. I am getting an alert which tells me there is 'no Internet connection', however I am not experiencing any problems on my iPhone, PC, blackberry, etc. I have not experienced this problem before.

    For information, my MacBook is a 5,1.

    Many thanks!