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I have been searching for information on an issue my daughter is experiencing with Netflix on her MacBook Pro c2009. I have read many things in this issue, but have not found a true fix. Perhaps you can help.

When she starts a movie, instead of the movie playing she receives the following error: Application Storage Error N8011. It tells her that Private Browsing is enabled and instructs her to turn it off or call Netflix. However, Private Browsing in not enabled. I have played around with Private Browsing and am fairly sure this is not the issue.

The few things I have found in discussions on the net (suggestions that Netflix is not compatible with Safari 5, instructions to reinstall Silverlight, and making a new user account) have not provided a solution.

The suggestion that Netflix is not compatible with Safari 5 might have been relevant some time ago, but it clearly is not "the" issue because I am able to use Netflix on the same computer using a different account.

I have removed Silverlight and reinstalled it without any noticeable effect. Again, Netflix works with my account on the same computer. And Silverlight is a shared plugin, it does not need to be installed by each user.

The "fix" that I found repeated a few times is to create a new user account (named "test"). This does work, but it is a work around. It is NOT a "fix".

I believe the issue is related to an account permission or perhaps a Safari user configuration, but I have not been able to uncover anything in this light.
The new account I created as a work around does not have Admin privileges, but Netflix does work with that account. This reduces the range of possible causes.

If you have had a similar experience and have found the solution, please share it.

iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    You've done your homework! So try deleting cookies.

    In the effected account launch Safari. From the Safari menu bar click Safari / Preferences then select the Security tab. Click: *Show Cookies*.

    Delete all Netflix cookies.

    Quit Safari (Command + Q) then relaunch Safari.

    Testing in another user account is not meant to be a fix. It's for troubleshooting purposes only.

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    Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    We just deleted the Netflix cookies, but it did not eliminate the problem.
    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Has anyone else had this problem? What has worked for you?
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    Netflix haven't updated to comply with Safari 5 yet, but in the meantime they offer the following solution:

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    Thanks for your reply Klaus1.
    The link you sent does not work: Error 404 - Not Found
    I think the url you meant was:

    I had seen this page and tried it, but reverting to version 4 did not help the affected user account. Besides, Netflix is working with version 5 on a different user account on the same computer. For these reasons I'm pretty sure the version 5 thing has been resolved.

    By the way, the info in the above link is really cool. I had no idea there was a way to revert Safari to prior versions. Apparently this is a feature for developers to test their web pages in different versions of several browsers - Cool!

    Back the to point, I'm curious how many people have experienced this N8011 issue with Netflix. By the dearth of info on the web addressing this problem, I'm guessing it is not very common. But it is real, no the less.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sorry about the wrong link! That was posted by Netflix in a thread here, but I couldn't find it.

    I seem to recollect that the problem was fixed by Safari 5.0.3 and update 10.6.5, so you might check that you are up to date.

    The problem was mentioned a few times here (which is why I took notes) but not recently. Reverting to a previous version of Safari is not really a solution, as that incurs a potential security penalty.
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    No problem on the link, but thanks for your follow up.

    The OS and Safari are up to date. What is weird is that on the same computer, two user accounts can use Netflix, but a third can not!
    The account that can not use Netflix was the second account created on the computer, and it has been promoted to Admin privileges. The first account created has Admin privileges, of course. The third account does not have Admin privileges. ... I don't see a pattern in this.

    All of this leads me to believe that the issue is not with software versions, but could be related configuration of the user account or within Safari.
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    i just came across the same problem and was very confused as i travel frequently and watch stream movies to my macbook ALL the time. after looking for different ways to solve the problem i did what should have been the first step: i deleted silverlight from my computer. then i tried to start the movie and it prompted me to reinstall it. i was watching the movie within 3 minutes. hope this helps!
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm curious which steps you used to delete Silverlight. I had tried doing that but this did not help me. Perhaps I did not get everything removed.

    Would you mind listing the step you took to delete Silverlight? I am curious which files / locations were deleted and any other steps you took before reinstalling.
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    I've found the fix! The main clue was that it was user specific so I knew whatever I was looking for had to be in the user folder.

    Delete the silverlight folder in the users library folder: "User folder/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Silverlight"
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    I just started having this problem. I had no problems for months accessing my Netflix account using Safari then two days ago Safari started redirecting netflix.com to http://movies.netflix.com/WiHome and I get a 404 error (I don't even have a Wii and certainly never intended a redirect). I deleted all Netflix Cookies, changed the Develop/User Agent to Safari 4.1, and even deleted the Silverlight folder from the Library/Applications directory.

    I can now get to Netflix.com (with the first attempt only) but when I enter my account/password instead of going to my account page I still get redirected.