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I have been searching for information on an issue my daughter is experiencing with Netflix on her MacBook Pro c2009. I have read many things in this issue, but have not found a true fix. Perhaps you can help.

When she starts a movie, instead of the movie playing she receives the following error: Application Storage Error N8011. It tells her that Private Browsing is enabled and instructs her to turn it off or call Netflix. However, Private Browsing in not enabled. I have played around with Private Browsing and am fairly sure this is not the issue.

The few things I have found in discussions on the net (suggestions that Netflix is not compatible with Safari 5, instructions to reinstall Silverlight, and making a new user account) have not provided a solution.

The suggestion that Netflix is not compatible with Safari 5 might have been relevant some time ago, but it clearly is not "the" issue because I am able to use Netflix on the same computer using a different account.

I have removed Silverlight and reinstalled it without any noticeable effect. Again, Netflix works with my account on the same computer. And Silverlight is a shared plugin, it does not need to be installed by each user.

The "fix" that I found repeated a few times is to create a new user account (named "test"). This does work, but it is a work around. It is NOT a "fix".

I believe the issue is related to an account permission or perhaps a Safari user configuration, but I have not been able to uncover anything in this light.
The new account I created as a work around does not have Admin privileges, but Netflix does work with that account. This reduces the range of possible causes.

If you have had a similar experience and have found the solution, please share it.

iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.2)