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    I got the stadard mac statement .  And I respect it.  They can not go into any further.  You ask where I get the info?  My husband does this for a job. He is s Sr secuity archeticht.  His network of over 500 user had 0 security incendents and malware is a incident, ( I should know better).  But I also have some training on Help desk and am getting more.    To me a lto fo this is logic.  There are many free wifi networks , they are not secure and most time you do not notice but there is someone sniffing everything and re routing it.    Wanna check, put a free network in you area and see how many people use it and think how much info you could have stolen.  Another thing is people do not change there router passwords and there admin passwprds .  Another was to re direct traffic..    I got this from my common knowledge.     Apple can not or will not even sugest where it came from.  I think mine was from the airport.  Your could be starbucks. and someone else could live in a muti unit home with bad protection ( there is a crack for wep) and a neighbor is doing it.  Or even a neighbor with a open wifi have had there traffic taken.  SO may options.         Although I do take credit for my own hack.  But I think Apple handled it best they can

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    I got a bunch of interesting emails referencing the deleted posts. So let me see if I got this right...


    If our home wifi network is not secure, someone can use a program to capture data, including our passwords and usernames?


    If we use a public wifi network in Starbucks, etc. and their network is not secure, someone can capture our info?


    Even if we have long unguessable passwords?


    I have always chosen to make my home wifi network "invisible" in the preferences. It won't show up on some stranger's iPhone or laptop. You have to know the network's name and enter it to join.


    So the answer is to NEVER use a wifi network that you have not secured yourself and which you're sure someone else can't get into?


    So what if we don't use public wifi and only use 3G? Are we safe then?


    So can someone recommend a good book or online source for info on securing my home network? Also, I'd like to find out if my boss's network is as secure as it should be.

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    if you are using 3g you are using your phone not wifi.    There is not a book but you can google for lots of good info.  wpa2 is the strogest one with wpa being next.    If you have to get on someone elses network then change your password when you get home.   


    If you are very paraniod change your password every 60 days on your router.    mMake sure you have changed the password on you router. Make sure you do not repeat the router password with any other password in your computer.   check the mac adress list on the router and see if there any any devices you do not know about.   You can make it so only assisgned mac addresses can use your router. 


    Now if someone wants in to your network badly and they know what they are doing.  They will get in eventually.  But most people just go for the easy stuff.  There is a way for a " securty professional"  to see all networks including hidded.  But most drive by hacking is just opertunity. 


    You can google how to do most of this.  I am going offline for 2 weeks so I do not want to be rude.    

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    I never allocated a Credit Card to my account.


    Today I added a $25.00 gift card, bought $15.00 worth of apps, and walked away from the computer.


    Got an email from iTunes warning me that a purchase had been made from a previously unauthorized computer.


    Someone bought History Calculator, and changed my city/state to Oregon. At $9.95, the History Calculator brought my balance to 0.05. 

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    My account was also hacked and my account has been blocked by Apple immediately. I've tried to create a pair of tickets in the support area. But these were simply closed without comment. (277367950 and 277364064). The charge was also stopped with ClickandBuy.

    My question is, what next?

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    As I rarely purchase anything on the istore it has taken me almost 3months to realise my account has been hacked. After redeeming my giftcard over £50 worth of purchases have been made to Kingdom Conquest. My account was disabled but I was not sent a warning email, I only found out today when I was trying to purchase something on the istore. I sent an email out asking why my account had been disabled even though I had changed my password and verified my account and got a rather blase response telling me to do this all over agian. It was mentioned that unauthorised activity had occured but nothing was said about what activity this actually was, me thinking that I myself must have typed in the wrong password a few times and locked myself out. The issue of hacking was flagged by me whilst surfing these boards. I am incredibly worried about the saftely of my personal information and can't belive apple have got this so wrong.

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    I just went through this same thing this morning. They are trying to say it was somehow my fault. Funny thing is that I have never had this problem until now. I did figure out that if you yell at the person on the fun, they will get you in touch with iTunes. Luckily the person had not changed my password and I got back into the account with their new ID and the securtiy questions. I deleted my CC info before they did to much damage. So now someone in china is enjoying free runes for Order and Chaos on my dime. Thanks Apple!! I really appreciate the New Years reaming!!

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    I am really tired, to tell only the same:

    It`s a scandal!

    We are sold by corrupt persons in the apple world to chinese persons, who take our accounts by some Dollars dayly.

    I had no contact to I-Tunes by years and had also not installed the I-Tunes software on my computer for the same time.

    My old account was hacked by someone...that`s really not my mistake in any airport or something maleware!

    We are sold...and something is to!

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    My claim was denied by paypal, leaving me no choice but to contact apple again for reimbursement. During this whole process, my account was credited with $50, but that still leaves me out $100. Has anyone had luck getting reimbursed for multiple purchases?

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    Got an itunes voucher for Christmas.  Bought a couple of singles and an album and left the remainder in my account for my wife to choose something.  Bad mistake - It's gone now (KingdomConquest).


    Can not find any way to contact iTunes except for the "Express Lane" which I have used.  They have promised to respond within 48 hours, so we'll just have to wait and see.


    Wasn't phished, by the way, but changed my password nonetheless.  Glad I didn't have my CC details stored. Mind you, after Christmas my CC is maxed out anyway .

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    I too was hacked last night. I contacted iTunes and Paypal and got everything taken care of. It was the same app that the person above me got hacked with.

  • swede#1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It blows me away that apple don't do anything about this! The same App keeps showing up in conjunction with unauthorized purchases and nothing is being done. It's not any safer to use iOS devices than android.

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    All credit to iTunes, they have emailed me to say that i will be getting a refund.  They did however, use the annoying phrase "Please note that this is a one-time exception to our sales policy."


    I happen to believe that it is a requirement of law and, perhaps most important to me, a sign of my valued custom - not a "one-time exception".  It is sadly common however, for businesses and banks to have lapse security but blame customers for successful hacking attempts (a Mitchel & Webb sketch comes to mind -


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    I would never put your credit card info into iTunes as Apple credit card security is horrible.  There are many cases of account hacking and credit card problems with Apple. My own credit card was compromised 2 weeks after creating an Apple account. That was the ONLY online usage of my credit card.


    For some reason Apple does NOT follow PCI compliance which is the credit card industry standards for credit card data protection.  It requires all companies to NOT store credit card information online because (surprise, surprise Apple!) it can be hacked.


    Why does Apple need to store the credit card data and put the information at risk and why do they not follow industry (PCI Compliance) guidelines - especially for free aps or updates?

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      I've had the same thing, someone hacked my account and purchased History Calculator and some Horoscope app, both by the same Developer.  I reported it and managed to get a refund from Apple rather swiftly, right after I was schooled by them in how I had "inadvertently purchased" said apps, even though I forwarded a copy of the eMail I received informing me that a device not associated with my account purchased the apps.


      And what do they recommend?  A Password change and a link to how I can "secure my account" as it was probably due to me being the victim of "a phishing eMail".  I'm not a *******, I don't get much personal eMail as it is, and anything I click gets the tabs checked through the source to make sure first.


      The end result, I've changed my previously iron-clad password 3 times now, to passwords so iron-clad they'd make Dreadnoughts blush, and my Apple account is still disabled.  Apple have stopped returning my eMails also so I'm stuck with a brand new iPad that is swiftly leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

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