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    I agree, why even list a phone number if it leads no where. I thought not having actual people answer phones went out in the '90's or early 2000's at best. Wake up Apple and serve your customers!

  • Carlo TD Level 3 Level 3 (550 points)

    Every time I make a purchase on iTunes, I have to enter my CVV number.

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    Same thing happened to me today, all my credit gone on a texas poker app and my ard detials wiped from the account!!


    Can some help advise if whoever hacked into this is likely to have all my card details that can used to take money from my account? I know some people have said only the last 4 digits are visable but who knows if thats the case or not.


    I don't really want to have to cancell my card as I am living abroad and it would leave me without access to money until a new card was posted first to scotland and then to singapore.

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    Today, all my Apple Store balance disappeared on some iPhone games - I do not own an iPhone...


    Fortunately only $3 were drawn from paypal. Changed password and disconnecting paypal from the Apple Store.


    They have to do something about this.

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    On Tuesday 17 Apr 12, I got 2 email receipts for purchases on my Itunes account.  They were Gift Certificates for 50.00 each.  I immediatly went into my Itunes account and noticed the following...


    -My address was changed (same street, just a different City, State, Zip, Phone)

    -My apple Id had characters added to it in the middle

    -The CC used is not on my account (last four shown only, not recognizable to me)

    -Two different Gift Certificates sent to email address Vietbank.ipay and then the provider.


    I called Apple immediately and they reversed the charges (for someone's CC, but not mine) and suspended my Apple ID.  *****, cause I own Imac, Ipad, Iphone, Apple TV.  I have hundreds of dollars of valid purchases that I can't update on my Imac and other devices. 


    Once ironic now, is that they asked no questions (Apple) when I said I was hacked or something.  They reversed the charges no questions asked.  Now I see they must have know something was going on, by all the posts of other hacks this past weekend.  I hope they have fixed whatever security issues there are.  Granted I didn't have my personal funds taken, but the fact that someon was able to change all of my info, without an email being sent that it was being changed, scares me.


    Come clean Apple...You know you had a security issue, just come clean! 

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    Got an email today from Apple telling me:

    "Your Apple ID, cam@****.com, was just used to make a purchase in -KingdomConquest- from the App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID.  If you made this purchase, you can disregard this email. It was only sent to alert you in case you did not make the purchase yourself."


    These guys were able to use up $35 of credit from my account. 


    I have an iPad.  Maybe the kids downloaded a game which has a security hole in it?


    Changed my Apple account password, but credit card details worry me, I figure a hacker could get those if they could get in there.


    Why cant Apple tell me anything about the device the apps were downloaded to apart from the fact that they werent previously associated?  An Android app identifies the device and location.....


    Clearly Apple knows something about this but ist doing anything for customers.  Id recommend everyone changing iTunes Store passwords immediately at the very least.


    Can Apple do anything stricter with authorising devices?

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    Well, add me to the list of those whose iTunes store associated credit card data was compromised this weekend.

    On Monday April 16 I got a call from my CC company (AMEX) asking me about some recent charges. Two of the charges were for $1.00 each, one at the iTunes store,another at iGoogle (?). I reported both as fraudulent and had no choice but to cancel the CC.

    As I understand it, these $1.00 charges are probes to see if the CC can be used. I was lucky that the Fraud Department at AMEX saw them as suspicious and contacted me.

    After reading the latest in this thread I checked my iTunes account and none of my data has been changed.

    And there are no recent purchases listed.

    My dilemma is whether to update the CC info in iTunes (still lists the now cancelled AMEX card). If I do, the new CC will probably be hacked. If I don't I can't buy anything from the iTunes store. I don't buy much music there but I do get the occasional App for my iPad.

    For now I am leaving the cancelled CC info in my iTunes store account, and will just not buy anything from there until I have some assurance that Apple has tightened its security.

    So I suppose in the end, it is Apple who is the loser here, since they won't get any more money from me!


  • Carlo TD Level 3 Level 3 (550 points)

    It does not sound like your card was compromised. What your saying is like saying a plane flew over my house, so therefore it was going to crash into my house.  Also the CVV code for Amex is the four digit code on the front of the card.

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    tdc24- do you know which specific number you called? i've tried so many different options and nobody can help.  so frustrating.  i just want the funds reversed without having to go to the bank, close the account, open a new one... sigh...

  • cdeegan Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Maybe I was not clear in my post above.

    According to AMEX there was an attempt to make a $1.00 purchase using my AMEX card in the iTunes store.

    Now perhaps someone got my info including my very complex Apple ID (had to change that PW a few months ago after an email from Apple hinting that my prev ID might be used fraudulently) or perhaps someone got my credit card info from elsewhere and used it with their Apple ID to try to make a purchase. Either way the purchase did not show up because the AMEX Fraud department never allowed it to go through.

    So maybe there is no problem with security at Apple but given what I have read in the prev 101 pages plus my experience with having to change my Apple ID at Apple's behest recently, there is no way I am leaving a valid CC linked with my iTunes store account.


  • Carlo TD Level 3 Level 3 (550 points)

    It sounds like a preauthorization not a purchase.

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    Here was my experience. I tried to update my apps on my iPhone. I got a msg saying that my account was disabled due to a security problem, and I could reset my password. When I got the email allowing me to reset my password, it was sent to someone - not my name. I reset the password, got into my account and found 2 purchases made that were not mine. My name, address, phone # and birthdate had been changed. Long story... but finally called Apple Care (even though I do not have Apple Care) and told them I had a security breach and fraudulent charges. Eventually, I was connected with Gabriel in Security who told me that my account had been "hijacked" by someone who used stolen credit cards to make the purchase. My credit card was not used. Gabriel fixed my account, noting on it that I was not the one who had stolen the credit cards(!), and all is now well. But really disturbing. I still don't get how they "hijacked" my account. But I appreciate Gabriel  - thank you!

  • smachson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    same exact thing happened to me - see my story above.

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    How does this even happen? My itunes account has been drained. I got an email saying that I made a purchse on a device not associated with my ID. They had better refund my money. And I curse all the hackers to ****. Enjoy your stupid metalstorm game!

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    I noticed two ITUNES purchases on my debit card statement that I had not made in the past 24 hours.  My ITUNES account did not have the purchases listed.  I called 1-800 MY APPLE to report the issue and was told I have to wait 24 hours for a call back.  I was furious to say the least.  I spent about 45 min demanding to speak with a human immediately when finally Maira said she could submit a "call me now" request.  Of all the nerve, it was a recording that called me back..finally I got to speak to Caner in customer service who told me a new account had been opened in my name, my current address, my debit card but with an invalid e-mail address.  A third charge was made while I was on the phone with Apple.  I was told since it was an invalid e-mail address that was used to open the account they would credit me the 3 charges in 5-7 days.  It is amazing that "APPLE" does not have a program to prevent new accounts from being created if the e-mail address is invalid.  It also amazes me that during the first hour on the phone with Apple's  Maira they let yet another charge to be processed.  My debit card has been removed from my real itunes account and I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have another card associated with it.  I will make my music purchases elsewhere, and if I have lived for years without apps I will have to manage without them in the future..  Based on their customer service,  I refuse to be a customer.  Obviously their mega profits are not going into security or customer service.  Shame on Apple.